Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is one of the most important entities in recent American politics. From just being another girl raised in a Methodist family in Chicago she has become one of the most powerful personalities. Hillary Clinton became interested in politics when she was very young and that is why she began studying political sciences at Wellesly after her graduation from high school.Hillary Clinton was born on October 26, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois and raised in a Methodist family in Suburban Park Ridge, Illinois from the age of three. Her father name was Hugh Ellsworth Rodham; he used to run a small business in the textile industry. And Hilary Clintons mother, Dorothy Emma Howell was a homemaker. She has got two younger brothers. Before marriage Hillary Clintons name was Hillary Diane Rodham. During her schooldays she was the favourite student of her teachers at the public school in Park Ridge. Hillary Clinton used to participate in sports like baseball, swimming, etc and received many badges as Girl Scout and a Brownie. After her graduation in the year of 1965, she got herself enrolled at Wellesly College. Then she served the Wellesly Young Republicans as a president. During that period Hillary Clinton also became a supporter of the antiwar presidential nomination campaign of Democrat Eugene McCarthy. Later, Hillary Clinton then entered Yale Law School and there she worked on the editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action. In 1971, Hillary Clinton began dating Bill Clinton who was also a law student at Yale. After that Hillary Clinton pursued one year postgraduate study on children and medicine at the Yale Child Study Center.On October 11, 1975, Hillary Clinton got married with Bill Clinton in Fayetteville at their home. Bill Clinton had secretly bought a small house before he proposed her for marriage. On February 27, 1980 their daughter Chelsa Victoria was born.In 1976, Hillarys husband was elected as attorney general and she worked on Jimmy Carter's successful campaign for president. In 1978, Bill Clinton was elected as the governor when he was just 32 years old. Hillary joined the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock and later in 1977 by President Carter she was appointed to part-time chairman of the Legal Services Corporation. In the year 1988 and 1991, The National Law Journal named Hillary Clinton as one of the 100 most powerful lawyers in America.During her husbands two terms in office, Hilary Clinton was the first lady of the United States. Hillary Clinton supports equal pay for equal work. Hillary Clinton supports universal preschool and has focused on family issues. Hillary Clinton supports on LGBT rights. In 2013, Clinton first expressed support for a national right to same-sex marriage.When Barack Obama won the U.S. presidential election, he nominated Hillary Clinton as secretary of the state. On January 21, 2009 she was officially approved as the 67th U.S. secretary of state.During her tenure Hillary Clinton became the most travelled secretary in American history. To convey the country's positions Clinton promoted the use of social media. In connection to the Arab Spring and military intervention in Libya she also led U.S. diplomatic efforts.In early March 2015, Clinton faced criticism when it was revealed that during her time as secretary of state she had used her personal email address to handle official governmental business. On April 12, John D. Podesta, Clinton's campaign chairperson announced via email that the former secretary of state is going to become one of the nominee in the Democratic presidential nomination for the 2016 elections. And an online campaign clip was also published, with Clinton herself announcing at the end of the video that she's running for presidential post.Hillary Clinton discusses a wide variety of issues on her campaign site which she believes in. She has aimed for criminal justice reform, lowering student debt, campaign finance reform, improving the healthcare coverage, women's rights and costs of the Affordable Care Act.On June 6, 2016 she was nominated as the presumptive presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. And if she becomes the president of the United States then she will be the first woman in the United States in 240-year history.
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