Maatr: The Mother

Maatr: The Mother

Raveena Tandom makes her dhamakedaar comeback with a hard hitting female oriented film which has her in the lead role of a mother who turns into a warrior to save and protect her daughters. Maatr: The Mother will release on April 21st and has been written by Michael Pellico and directed by Ashtar Sayed. Thie crime drama is backed under the banner of CDB Musical in association with Anjum Rizvi Film Co., Manoj Adhikari Production and Pugmark Films Pvt Ltd. Raveena is all set to floor us with hardcore acting and some serious drama. Her earlier movies Satta and Daman also were based on exploitation of women and her strong characters in both these movies were the talking point of the industry. In fact, Daman earned her a National Award too.

After she wrapped up the movie she had said, "This film deals about voilence against women. It has become a big concern for our society and mostly what we can see in these type of cases. I am not particularly taking about rape cases only, but all types of violence against women, for which our justice system fails. Maatr’ speaks about the system failure and what really can be done or what should be done when such violence against women happens." The movie was made in just 39 days and Raveena was emotionally drained while shooting for the film, it was not an easy thing for her to do. Being a mom to three daughters (two adopted) it was a very important film for her. She told the press about the same, "When I shot for a few scenes, I was disturbed for a week after that. We were all disturbed thinking that these kinds of horrific things can happen to a living being. We have just shown 10 percent of what a woman has to deal with when such a thing happens with her." She added, "It’s a fiction film and it is not inspired from any of the cases that have taken place." The movie will be screened at Festival of Globe, San Francisco in August.

The trailer of the movie as appreciated by masses but it also portrayed a grim reality of rapes in the country. It ended with the line "While you were watching the trailer, a girl was raped somewhere in the country. Time to think. Time to act." Which got our attention instantly.

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