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Ottawa— Prime Minister Stephen Harper was recently presented with a book, “The A-List” authored by Toronto based journalist Ajit Jain. It profiles 48 eminent people – 41 of them are Indo-Canadians and seven are ‘Friends of India’ and they include two federal ministers – Jason Kenney and Ed Fast. The third federal minister featured is Gosal, an Indo-Canadian, same as Grewal.

These 41 Indo-Canadians come from varied fields- doctors, engineers, academics, and business persons, each with his or her unique story to tell. They are all mentors and leaders within the community; they represent all faith groups.

Jain says, “An emphasis was laid that 30 percent of those profiled in the ‘A-List’ are women – and that shows that gender-equation even in the Indo-Canadian community is  changing – as more and more women from the Indian community are breaking what’s called the ‘glass ceiling’ and are succeeding   in their respective  fields and playing leadership roles.”

He added, “In selecting these 41 people, we had one criteria in mind: to cover as many fields and disciplines as possible; make it as representative of Canada as possible; consider gender balance; and also balance, as far as possible, the sub-cultures within Indo-Canadians.”

The A-List project – a pilot project in Canada – will now be replicated in other countries that have large Indian populations and where the Indian community has a significant public profile.

This story originally appeared on The Weekly Voice.