2016 is reaching its end and it is now time to bid farewell to this eventful year. While many prefer to take the beaten road and spend New Year’s eve at a club or a music event partying and drinking the night away, there are also those who prefer doing something unconventionally adventurous. The world is full of stunning places where you can embark upon an adventure on New Year’s eve. So, if you have the heart for it, here are 10 great New year’s eve ideas for adventurers with a brave heart and fit body. (ALSO SEE Best places in India to wake up on the first day of 2017) Also Read - Karnataka Revises COVID-19 Guidelines For Home Isolation - Here Are The New Rules

Trekking in Nepal

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Nepal is a backpacker’s heaven. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Nepal provides breathtaking views and some great trekking and wildlife safari options. You can spend New year’s eve at the foothills of the Mount Everest. During winter, this region becomes a snowy wonderland with breathtaking landscapes consisting of frozen waterfalls, clear days and fewer trekkers on the trails. Also Read - Nepal Political Crisis: Prachanda Meets President Amid Rift in Ruling NCP

Wildlife safari in Namibia


Known for its diverse and marvelous wildlife, Namibia in Africa is a delight for animal lovers and those who enjoy nature in its raw form. Namibia has a wide range of experiences to offer. You can take the popular desert wildlife safari in Etosha National Park or just hike through Fish River Canyon for great end to the New Year. You can also try sand surfing in the the Sossusvlei Dunes if you enjoy that kind of thing. In general, Namibia is a great place to spend New year’s eve in an adventurous way away from all the cliched celebrations. CHECK OUT World’s best airlines for 2017 announced!

National Park tour in Porto, Portugal

Porto Portugal

Porto in Portugal is emerging as a popular attraction for tourists thanks to its wine caves that offer budget tastings. It is also home to inexpensive vintage trams and museums and makes for a great budget trip. However, it also has an adventurous side which can be explored with a guide. While a tour of the city’s cathedrals and museums is a walk down history and an adventure in itself, the Gerez National Park is perfect for an off-the-beaten-track experience for adventurers. You can take a tour of the Park on New Year’s eve to end the year on an unconventional note without spending a bomb.

Scuba diving in Belize


Known for its blue lagoons, white sandy beaches and thick green forests, Belize is one of the ideal getaways for adventurers any time of the year. You can go snorkeling or scuba-diving and explore the rich aquatic life of this wonderful nation on the eastern coast of Central America. There are several amazing attractions in Belize worth exploring. Prime among them is Offshore, the massive Belize Barrier Reef which is renowned for its low-lying islands called cayes. Belize’s forests are home to popular Mayan ruins like Caracol and the lagoon-side Lamanai. DO SEE Travel predictions for 2017: 8 trends revealed by travel experts

Swim with dolphins at Bellarine Peninsula in Australia

Bellarine peninsula

Located to the southwest of Melburne in Victoria, the Bellarine Peninsula is a popular tourist attraction on account of its serene and spectacular beaches, and seaside resorts and wineries. You can sign up for an aquatic tour here and have several sessions in the sea where you can experience the diverse marine habitat. However. the most priceless experience here is swimming with the dolphins and one the seals – a memory for life. A great adventurous way to spend New year’s eve, isn’t it?

Go car-free in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Michigan upper peninsula

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is popular for its forested region and ski slopes during winter. You can enjoy a host of adventurous activities in Michigan’s upper peninsula during winter from skiing in one of the several ski resorts and to embarking on one of the several snowshoe trails. From fishing shanties, to pond hockey and ice skating, there is loads for you to do on New Year’s eve in this stunning, car-free region. Alternatively, you can explore the depths of mines or climb to the top of the lighthouse, check out roaring waterfalls or explore a colonial fort while in the area. DON’T MISS 10 best budget-friendly places in the world to visit in 2017

Enjoy the wilderness in Tasmania


What better place to spend New Year’s eve amidst nature than the forests of Tasmania? An isolated island off the south coast of Australia, Tasmania is known for its vast, rugged wilderness areas. Most odf these areas have been protected as parks and reserves and are ideal for an adventurous experience. The South Coast Track is a popular trail for hikers traversing 85 km of Tasmania’s most remote beaches and rainforests.

Go on an Antarctic expedition


It doesn’t get more adventurous than this, does it? An Antarctic expedition to walk with the penguins after reaching them via a water-bound vessel can be the experience of a lifetime. The region has 22 hours of daylight this time of the year making it ideal for sight-seeing and a memorable journey. DO SEE New lake discovered in Antarctica!

Camel trekking in Morocco


The North African country of Morocco is known for its vast desert and sand dunes as well as its sprawling markets selling ceramics, jewelry and metal lanterns. A camel trek in the desert is one of the most popular activities here. The dunes of Erg Chigaga near M’hamid in the south of Morocco, over the Atlas Mountains and pass Zagora is a particularly popular route in the Sahara desert. You can also check out the 12th century Kasbah of the Udayas which is a humongous royal waterfront fort.

Road Trip to Ziro


Nestled in the northeast Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh is Ziro, one of its hidden gems. A road trip to Ziro can be one of the most adventurous experiences of your life. You would need an inner line permit and will traverse challenging roads passing through some of the most stunning landscapes. However, when you reach this wonderful town that is home to the Apa Tani tribe, you realize that it is totally worth it. Its pleasant weather, pine hills and rice fields make it an ideal spot away from the urban hustle bustle to ring in the New Year. (NOW SEE January 2017 India festivals and events)


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