There are several options in India to go on a road trip. From places in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan to Kerala, Meghalaya and Uttarakhand, these destinations have been explored by thousands of people on road trips. While all of these are lucrative, there is a certain thrill in driving across borders. Here are 5 international road trips that you must go on from India! Also Read - Unlock Phase I in Rajasthan: Hotels, Restaurant, Clubs And Shopping Malls to Reopen From Monday | Details Here

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1. China


China is one of India’s neighboring countries that is a must- visit for people who like to know more about other cultures. The architecture, language and mannerisms of the Chinese are all worth witnessing. In fact, for most Indians who love Chinese food (the Indian version, of course) you’ll get to try some authentic Chinese. Also Read - We Have Named Her 'Priyanka Twitter Vadra': UP Deputy CM's Jibe at Congress Leader

2. Myanmar


Myanmar which was earlier called Burma has a lot of cultural and traditional similarities with India. You’ll be surrounded by pagodas, monasteries, temples and Buddhist monks, almost everywhere. The newly built highway from India needs to be checked out, doesn’t it?

3. Russia


Who wouldn’t want to drive across the biggest country on this planet spread across two continents? Monuments of historic importance, picturesque landscapes and castles are some of the places you could drive to in Russia!

4. Germany


Speaking of castles, if you want to go back in time to your childhood and feel like you’re a prince or princess, Germany will take you to a whole bunch of castles that are simply beautiful. And if you’re not the designated driver for the trip, you might as well enjoy all the German beer you’ve ever wished for!

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5. France


And if you’re a tad too romantic to go with Germany, then pick France. Your glass of wine and a few samples of cheese will be your loyal companions through this trip.

6. Nepal


Visiting Nepal is one of the closest options for Indians. Nepal is home to the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest. It is also home to a large section of the Himalayas making it a beautiful place to visit. After the earthquakes that struck Nepal in 2015, it has now gotten back in shape, welcoming travelers from across the globe.

7. Thailand


Thailand has been one of the favorite travel destinations for Indians for a while now. If you think a trip to Thailand is too passe, then do consider the road trip to Thailand via Myanmar that is already in talks in the traveling community.

8. Switzerland


Who can say no to the Alps, right? Quaint villages and beautiful landscapes of Switzerland call out to travelers each year. Imagine driving on wide roads for hours at a stretch without listening to anything but the wind.

9. Norway


Norway is one of the most photogenic Scandinavian countries. Its simplicity is one of the aspects that will urge you to travel to Norway. And while there, you’ll in no way be able to hold yourself back from driving around the country!

10. Italy


And lastly, who would want to say no to a view like this? Imagine driving for hours to chance upon something as beautiful as these quaint small villages in Italy! Every Indian fancies such traffic-free roads, lip-smacking food and amazing people!

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