Eating out is not just about tasting some scrumptious food, it is also about the ambience and the experience the place leaves you with. If you are done with fine-dining in a fancy place with great interiors and are looking for something more, here’s a list of 10 restaurants that add a touch of adventure and fun to eating out. Reserved your table yet? ALSO SEE 5 quirky restaurants in Mumbai Also Read - Two Doctors of Safdarjung Hospital Assaulted While Buying Grocery, Case Filed

1. Underwater restaurant, Maldives

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If you love the sea and marine life, Per Aquum’s Niyama Resort has an underwater restaurant that offers dinner and drinks surrounded with coral reefs. After taking a speedboat you descend three staircases to reach the restaurant. The place has glass walls so you can see fish and other marine life surrounding you. From eels to turtles to reefs, you can spot all of these as you enjoy your food. Also Read - Entertainment News Today April 9, 2020: Zoa Morani Feels Much Better Says She is Responding Well to The Treatment

2. Toilet-themed restaurant, Indonesia

cafe jamban

This has to be one of the most bizarre places where everything in the restaurant with a toilet theme. With several people in Indonesia not having access to toilets, the Jamban Cafe aims to highlight the problem in a rather unique way. You sit on commode-shaped seats and eat and drink from what look like toilets. As gross as it sounds, the restaurant does have its fair share of patrons who do not mind eating off pots that they sit on every morning. It certainly requires some guts to eat here, we think.

3. Prison restaurant, Milan

You may despise prison food but if you want to experience the setting, In Galera in Milan is the place to head to. This is not just a prison-themed restaurant, it is actually inside a medium security prison and the staff consists of inmates of the prison. The restaurant is so popular that you need to reserve a table a month in advance. Inside, you will find posters of prison movies in a minimalistic setting.

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4. Waterfall restaurant, Philippines

Imagine sitting on a table with your feet dipped in water and a waterfall for a view right in front of you. If you love this idea, visit Villa Escudero Resort’s Waterfalls Restaurant. The open-air restaurant is literally in the middle of a small, shallow river with a manmade waterfall to admire right in front. You are also encouraged to dunk your head in the water after your meal to cool off as the climate is rather humid. Enjoy some delicious seafood in a natural setting at this place.

5. Volcano restaurant, Lanzarote

The Spanish island off the coast of West Africa is home to a restaurant called El Diablo that sits on a volcano. However, the last time there was any volcanic activity was in 1824. There is an open grill that is on the dormant volcano and food is cooked using the heat from it. Now, wouldn’t that be a memorable experience? The restaurant also offers panoramic views of the surrounding beauty of the island.

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6. Roller-coaster restaurant, England

alton towers

If you are imagining sitting on a roller-coaster ride as you try to eat your food, stop right now. This restaurant in Alton Towers Resort has a roller-coaster that brings you your food. It is interesting to watch your meals arrive after passing through gravity-defying loops without spilling all over. The dishes range from chicken curry to risotto, burgers and steaks. The food is covered so that it does not fall off and reaches your table in a well-plated manner. Would you give it a try?

7. Cliffside restaurant, Italy

Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese

Imagine eating at the edge of the cliff that overlooks the Adriatic Sea. The Grotta Palazzese Hotel Restaurant lies 74 feet above sea level and is cut into the side of a mountain. It is in Italy’s Puglia region and is touted as one of the most romantic places for a meal. The restaurant is open only from May to October and is usually fully booked due to the high demand so if you are planning to try it out, book well in advance.

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8. World’s smallest restaurant, Italy

solo per due

Another marvel in Italy, if you are looking for an intimate dinner for two, Solo Per Due in Vacone has seating for just two people in a romantic setting. The menu here changes daily according to the preference of the diners visiting it. Expect an all Italian fare paired with some of the best wines to choose from. You can also stay at the property that dates back to the nineteenth century. What’s interesting to note is that the restaurant has been in operation since the last 26 years.

9. Tunnel bar, Brooklyn

One of the oldest tunnels in America built in 1844 is home to a cocktail bar that can be accessed via a secret bookshelf at the back of a French bistro called Chez Moi. Called Le Boudoir, it serves cocktails and a slice of Brooklyn history to its patrons. Given its uniqueness, you can imagine the long waiting list of people wanting to visit it. The underground bar is also has a theme of Marie Antoinette who was the last French queen.

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10. World’s narrowest restaurant, Argentina

el papagayo

Taking eating in a cramped space to another level, El Papagayo in Argentina is a restaurant in an alley that is only eight-feet wide but 105-feet-long. To light up the corridor, the ceiling is of glass so that natural light pours in. Apart from seating for guests and a kitchen, the restaurant also has three bathrooms and an office. Would you fancy a meal in this narrow restaurant?


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