India is a land of many colors. Thanks to its diverse geography, you can find all kinds of colors across India’s terrain. Add to it the fact that there is some festival or the other going on every month and you will see that India is home to a number of vibrant destinations with a vibrant atmosphere. While a number of travelers like spending time in quiet, secluded places to relax and rejuvenate, there are also those who want to soak in the culture of a country by visiting its most colorful destinations. If you are one of those, then this is the list for you. (ALSO SEE 10 most peaceful places in India) Here are the most colorful places in India that deserve your visit at least once. Also Read - COVID-19 Hitting Livelihoods, Causing Anxiety, Stress: WHO


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It was the year 1876. The Maharaja had painted the entire city pink giving it the sobriquet ‘The Pink City’. Since then, Jaipur has been one of India’s most colorful cities and also Rajasthan’s most precious jewel. From the Hawa Mahal to the City Palace, it is home to some beautiful palaces that are rich in color. If you visit Jaipur during winter, it will truly carve a place in your heart as one of the best holiday spots in the world. Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide Case: Kangana Ranaut Denies Being Called for Questioning



Located on the banks of the river Ganga, Varanasi is known for its colorful Hindu traditions and rituals. The huge number of pilgrims that visit the ghats of Varanasi make it a lively place to visit. The Ganga pooja held at Dashashwamedh ghat is a colorful and enriching experience in itself and is sure to send you into a trance.



The blue city of Jodhpur as viewed from the Mehrangarh fort in Rajasthan is one of the finest sights you will see in India. Not only is Jodhpur known for its blue houses and stunning fort and palaces, it is also a great place to walk around colorful markets that sell great clothes, jewelry, blankets and footwear. DO SEE Rajasthan tour packages: Top 5 places to visit in Rajasthan!

Valley of Flowers

Valley of flowers

One of India’s most picturesque spots, the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is more colorful than any other place you will see in India. Its alpine shrubs and meadows, milky white streams, and surrounding snow-clad peaks combined with pristine air make it one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. The flowers that bloom here include Brahmakamal, Blue Poppy and Cobra Lily.



If green is your favorite color, then Meghalaya in northeast India will be your favorite state. The heavy rainfall in this state ensures that its hills are always lush green. The gushing waterfalls and vast farmlands add to its natural beauty making it one of the most scenic states in India.



Pondicherry’s color comes from its beautiful French colonies which are renowned for their architecture. One of suth India’s finest backpacking destinations, Pondicherry is visited by a number of tourists all year round. Its dreamy, sleepy ambiance and picturesque beauty makes it a great holiday spot in south India.



We cannot be talking about colors and not mention the festival of Holi. A convivial celebration involving throwing colors at each other, Holi is best celebrated in India in the city of Vrindavan which is associated with the famous Hindu deity Krishna. It is also a great place to visit some amazing temples and witness Hindu customs and traditions at their very best.



And then there is the wonderful temple land of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The Meenakshi temple in Madurai itself is a great specimen of several colors and epitomizes the color and vibrant nature of the city. Its historic significance and cultural activities make it a great place to visit in south India.

Mcleod Ganj


What’s more colorful than the mesmerizing Tibetan prayer flags? Mcleod Ganj or Upper Dharamsala is a great place to witness serene and simple yet colorful life of monks and monasteries. Not only are they the most jovial people you will meet, they will also teach you a lot in their pleasant conversations. Add to it the beauty of the surrounding mountains and lush green valleys and what you have is a fantastic holiday spot in north India.



Be it in the literal sense or the metaphorical one, Goa is perhaps India’s most colorful destination. Its beaches dotted with palm groves, its clubs and pubs that play amazing music and serve lip-smacking food and its happy-go-lucky people who will always put a smile on your face make Goa India’s most preferred holiday spot. If you visit Goa during the carnival, you will inadvertently see a lot of colors in its various floats. Even in other months, you will always find singing, dancing and partying in all nooks and corners of Goa making it a colorful place to visit in India. NOW SEE 12 top secret beaches of Goa! Have you been there yet?

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