A lot of people across the globe have been spending on travel. While some of them spend carefully in order to be able to travel to more number of places, others don’t mind splurging and would rather travel to a place luxuriously. And though a train ride for an average middle class Indian is as low as a few hundred rupees, a journey in at least one of these luxury trains is something we’d all want to take some day. Despite the fact that traveling by trains is considered outdated for many, these train rides will definitely add more value and class to your travels. Here are 10 of the most expensive train rides across the world that simply spell luxury! Also Read - BJP Leader Kapil Mishra Grabs Negative Limelight For India as Mark Zuckerberg Criticises His Delhi Riots Threat in Facebook’s Hate Speech Policy

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1. Indian Pacific

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The Indian Pacific gets its name from the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The train services have been running since 1970 between Sydney and Perth. The train covers a distance of 2704 miles and offers the longest luxury train journeys. The journey spans over four days and three nights across various tourist destinations in Australia.

 Tariff per night: Rs 80,158

2. Blue Train

blue train

This is yet another luxury train located in South Africa. In fact  it has won several accolades for the top-notch service provided to the passengers. In South Africa, the train travels through Pretoria to Cape Town. The total commute time of the train is 27 hours. It was started in 1946 to provide the best luxurious facilities for the elite of the society traveling from one part of the nation to another. There are two sets of Blue Trains, one can accommodate 52 passengers and the other has a capacity of 80 people.

Tariff per night: Rs 81,430

3. Eastern & Oriental Express


The Eastern and Oriental Express follows a route that includes destinations like Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. One of the best times of the year to take a journey vis the Eastern and Oriental Express is during New Year’s Eve. Along with having two restaurants and  skilled specialized chefs, the train service offers customised meals to passengers.

Tariff per night: Rs 1,05,919

4. Rocky Mountaineer


Canada has a fantastic luxury train that takes you through the forests and the natural beauty of the country.  The service offers 12 days journey and has four types of packages, Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Red Leaf and Whistler service, with Gold Leaf being the most luxurious one. This train has been awarded as the world leading travel experience by train for around seven times.

Tariff per night: Rs 1,12,342

5. Venice Simplon Orient Express


The Venice Simplon will take its passengers from Paris in France to Istanbul, Turkey over a span of six days.This train is very vintage in its design and appeal. It’ll take you straight to the early 20th century. This train has its own souvenir shop inside too!

Tariff per night: Rs 1,27,129

6. Pride of Africa


The Pride of Africa is located in South Africa. It covers a total of  close to 2,000 miles over a span of nine days. The train can accommodate around 72 passengers and most passengers are artistes, nature and wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. Various amenities like smoking lounge, dining cars and the fully equipped kitchen helps make the guests’ experience a memorable one.

Tariff per night: Rs 1,38,839

7. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

golden eagle

This train operates from Russia and is the country’s most expensive train. A journey on this train will take you to Siberia and gives you the opportunity to visit Lake Baikal, the biggest freshwater lake in the world. The Golden Eagle started its services in 2007 and has two different types of accommodation along with various services for entertainment for the guests.

Tariff per night: Rs 1,43,322

8. Royal Scotsman

royal scotsman

The Royal Scotsman is a train that carries 36 passengers at a time and provides some of the world’s best luxury services. The train also has a veranda for the guests to be able to enjoy the landscapes in an open environment. Yet another interesting feature about the Royal Scotsman, the well-stocked library that is accessible all day long.

Tariff per night: Rs 1,48,273

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9. Maharaja Express

In 2012, the Maharaja Express was awarded as a World Leading Luxury Train. Not only is it the best luxurious train in India, but it is known to have unmatched standards among luxury trains across the world. This train has two restaurants and can accommodate a total of 88 passengers. A journey in this train will take you through places like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and others in Rajasthan.

Tariff per night: Rs 2,26,491

10. Palace on Wheels

The Palace on Wheels is India’s first luxury train service that provides customers with the best services. It was established in 1982 and has since then been one of the most popular trains in India. The train services offer a week long journey to places like Jaipur and Agra. The train has a fancy bar and restaurant and a spa.

Tariff per night: Rs 3,60,647

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