Darjeeling may be one of India’s most popular hill stations for its scenic locales, its tourist-friendly people and the host of activities you can do there such as trekking and adventure sports. Its pleasant climate and view of the snow-clad Himalayan peaks may draw thousands of tourists but Darjeeling’s warm people are another factor that make this hill station so popular. While most tourists capture the beauty of the place on their cameras, iTripTo reader Sushant Kanchan who was in Darjeeling in December, captured the street life of its people. The polite and warm people of this town stole his heart more than its natural beauty. He shared his photos with us, giving us a peek into the everyday lives of these people who go about their business at their own leisurely pace. Also Read - Registered Homestays in West Bengal to Get Rs 1.5 Lakh Incentive Each From State Government

1. The toy train guard flagging off for the journey to begin

darjeeling 1

2. The station guard posing for the camera

darjeeling 2

3. A local waiting outside a shop on a winter morning

darjeeling 3

4. People getting ready to hop on the toy train

darjeeling 4

5. A traffic policeman at the traffic signal where people don’t honk

darjeeling 5

6. A woman smiles for the camera on her way to work

darjeeling 6

7. Notice the kid with his nose pressed against the window

darjeeling 7

8. A local in a pensive mood at the Ghum Railway Station

darjeeling 8

9. A man carrying gas cylinders on his back, a common sight in Darjeeling

darjeeling 9

10. People basking in the rays of sunlight on the streets

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