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Travelling to a new place is always a special feeling. Meeting new people, touring unknown terrains and making new mistakes. Your trip is incomplete without tasting the local food or their alcohol. Why just order the same old beer or whisky when you can get drinks brewed by the locals? These local drinks may be a challenge for your palate but it’ll be totally worth it! Also Read - Unlock Phase I in Rajasthan: Hotels, Restaurant, Clubs And Shopping Malls to Reopen From Monday | Details Here

Here is a list of drinks from across the country that will tingle your senses. Also Read - Haryana News: Shopping Malls Except in Faridabad, Gurugram Can Reopen; Restaurants at 50% Capacity

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 1. Kerala- Coconut toddy


Photograph courtesy: Bobinson K B/Creative Commons

God’s own country has its own alcohol drink. Made by fermenting the sap of the coconut tree, coconut toddy is a mild drink but it becomes strong with longer fermentation. Toddy is often served with spicy fish curry and boiled tapioca. Just few drinks and you will be swaying back home.

2. Goa- Feni

This Goan liquor is made from cashew apple. Cashew was brought to Goa by the Portuguese and Goans found a way to make an alcoholic drink using the fruit, which was usually discarded. This pungent drink is pretty strong. Don’t think about calling home after a drink or two.

3. Sikkim- Kodo ko Jaanr

Kodo ko Jaanr

Photograph courtesy: deepsan/Creative Commons

This alcoholic drink is made using Finger millet. It is prepared by adding boiling water to fermented Kodo ko Jaanr. You can enjoy this mild drink with your lunch and get back to enjoying the beautiful landscape of Sikkim.

 4. Rajasthan- Kesar Kasturi

This is a drink fit for Maharajas. The recipe for this rich alcoholic drink includes exotic ingredients like dry fruits, roots, saffron and other spices. Kesar Kasturi was meant for royal people earlier and it was consumed during the winter season as a therapeutic drink. Its is a Rajasthani heritage drink which is not too strong.

 5. Tripura- Chuwarak

Chuwarak is a spirit which requires an elaborate procedure. It can be made using a variety of raw materials like pineapple or rice. This Tripuri whisky is one of the safest drinks in the world. So, enjoy the land of fourteen gods with strong Tripuri whisky.

6. Jhharkhand- Handia


Photograph Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Handia is a rice beer that is offered to Gods of Mundas and Santhalis ethnic groups. The tribal women produce this beer to be given as gifts to relatives or friends. Oh, and it is also given as dowry. Handia is made by mixing herb to boiled rice and fermenting it. You can gulp a glass or two of this mild drink and continue with your travel.

7. Meghalaya- Kiad

Kiad is a rice beer that you can taste in a Jadoh stall. Often a diluted version of Kiad is sold. The drink was introduced to Meghalaya’s Pnar people as a medicinal remedy. This drink is a bit strong and you might want to watch the number of glasses you are chugging.

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8. Assam- Judima

Judima is a rice wine made in Assam. Few drops of this wine are given to new borns by Assam’s Dimasa people to ward off evil. This light yellow colored liquor tastes like honey.

9. Nagaland-Zutho

Rice wine

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

This rice wine is prepared only by the Angami Nagas. Sprouted rice grains are used for making of the wine and it imparts a distinct taste to the final product. The grains are mashed and fermented for several days. The liquid from the fermentation is then diluted and strained through bamboo container. The resulting liquor is called Zutho. The resulting spirit is quite mild.

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10. Himachal Pradesh-Chulli/Kinnauri Ghanti

Made by combining apricots and apples, Kinnauri Ghanti is a transparent spirit. You can drink this liquor with water or any other cold drink. It is a very mild drink and many locals drink it every day!

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