Travelling abroad for the first time? Planning a trip to a foreign destination can be stressful. If you don’t know where to start, then we are here to help! Here, we have compiled tips and questions that usually pop up when you plan the first trip abroad. Start scrolling!Also Read - Ye Baarish Ki Boondein...! 6 Best Places To Visit in South India This Monsoon

1. How to choose your first foreign destination? Also Read - Moti Jheel To Bithoor: Top 5 Places That You Must Visit In Kanpur - Watch Video

– Choose a destination based on your interest, do your research, check the visa process, and don’t go overboard with your budget, at least for your first foreign trip. Remember research plays an important role, you must spend ample of time doing your research be it online or offline. From the weather to the best time to visit, attractions, sightseeing, entry fees, transport costs, accommodation, laws, safety. Make a rock-solid research plan before heading out. Also Read - Planning A Road Trip This Summer Vacation? Take A Look At 8 Travel Safety Tips Here

2. How can you apply for a visa?

– With Indian passports, you can travel to only a handful of countries. But fret not, if you are planning a spontaneous trip, then try travelling to countries that offer visa on arrival. But if you wish to travel to countries which take much longer to approve your visa, then you may need confirmed flight and hotel bookings for your entire trip, bank statements for the last 6 months, salary slips, income tax returns, a letter from the employer and a ton of patience, as per Shooting star.

3. How can you plan your first trip abroad?

– If you are millennial, then we suggest that don’t go the conventional route, instead try tried and tested travel booking websites, namely Wiki travel, BBC travel, Guardian travel, blog to choose the destinations. You can also try Makemytrip, Clearmytrip,, to book hotels. For accommodation, you can also try Airbnb.

4. Cash or card and how much money should you carry when taking your first trip?

– You can carry your debit/credit card and little cash handy. You can always walk into an ATM and take out cash. You will be charged little extra ATM fees and exchange rates but that’s negligible, as per Shooting star website.

5. Do you need travel insurance?

– You must get your travel insurance. You should tick mark that, and you might save yourself from paying that extra money.

6. What documents do you need handy when leaving for a foreign trip?

– Collate all the travel-related documents including your passport, visa, international driving license, Travel maps, Flight tickets, Travel vouchers, Hotel confirmation receipts, Travel insurance, All kinds of tax payment receipts, Medical prescription.

7. Do you have to be rich to travel abroad?

– Not really, travelling is accessible to all. If you are a little tight on the budget you can opt for affordable destinations. You can check out website including Skypicker and Fareness, or you can just plan in advance. As per Conde Nast, the best time to book a flight is 57 days in advance for domestic flights, 117 for international.

8. What are the electronic devices you can carry while travelling abroad?

– You can carry your Mobile charger, Power converters, Camera and charging cord, USB cable, extra SD cards, Headphones and earphones, iPad, Portable speakers, power bank and binoculars.

9. What to pack when you are travelling abroad?

– Make sure that you travel light, and it’s obvious that if you will be travelling abroad you will definitely shop from the street or supermarkets. Check the weather and pack in layers, carry essentials and toiletries.

10. How can you find vegetarian food when travelling abroad?

– If you are out for a trip to a foreign then you must try their delicacies too. Foreign countries do serve vegetarian food and they have a variety of restaurants at every nook and corner.

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