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Good news! Traveling or taking a vacation is actually good for your overall well-being. Exploring new locations, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people will have a positive impact on you. Once you get back from the vacation, you will be ready to conquer new frontiers. Here is a list of scientific facts about travelling that prove it is good for you. So, read it up and pack your bag for the next trip. Also Read - Rajasthan News: Shops, Parlours to Open in State, Govt Offices to Function in Full Strength From June 1

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1. Travelling will increase your immunity

According to a research conducted by Mary Ruebush, PhD, travelling boosts your immunity as you will be exposed to different environments, which will create little proteins called antibodies that will protect you from germs. In fact, a blogger, Andy Lee Graham, suggests that travel is his best probiotic. He has been travelling for 17 years. Also Read - Unlock 1.0: Tarapith, Tirupati, Jagannath, Meenakshi Temples | What is Opening And From When?

2. You live longer

Live long

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Yes, you heard it right. As per a research, travel boosts brain health, decreases stress and keeps the body healthy. And this results in longevity. You will live longer and have more fun.

3. You will be healthy and fit

Travelling means you will have to change your routine and force yourself to be active. When you are on a vacation, you take a walk, try out extreme sports or just go for a hike. Even a lazy stroll will work those muscles.

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4. It increases your sex drive


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A study by Expedia revealed that travelling leads to improved sex drive. It improves mood and body confidence, which make you more ready for physical intimacy. (ALSO SEE REVEALED! India’s kinkiest, naughtiest and sexiest destinations!)

5. It will decrease the risk of a heart disease

The Framingham Heart Study found that people who went on vacations annually were less likely to develop heart diseases or to suffer a heart attack. The reason behind it is that when you travel you are usually less anxious or stressed. You are taking a break from the stressful environment.

6. It helps you to build confidence


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While travelling, you encounter many unexpected situations and it forces you to take a decision. This helps in building confidence. You will also become aware of your hidden strength during your travels.

7. Travelling can make your brain more positive and creative

Scientists have confirmed that travelling boosts the release of serotonin, which makes you more positive and creative. No wonder, artists and writers travelled around the world to experience new cultures and get inspired.

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8. It teaches you new skills


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Travelling forces us to learn new skills, whether it’s a new language or rock climbing, you will have an open mind and will educate yourself.

9. It improves brain health

Meeting new people, understanding new cultures and adapting to new conditions will expand your mind. These new experiences play an essential part in keeping your brain sharp and increasing cognitive flexibility. As per the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, those who study abroad or travel are generally more emotionally stable and are open minded.

10. You will feel content


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Travelling has both short-term and long-term effects. It fills you with excitement and zest for life, the two factors that are important for being positive and content.

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