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Not many people need to be told to sample local drinks in Goa, but many tend to forget the rich and delicious cuisine of Goa. Goan desserts are among the best in the country, especially if you love coconuts. Goa offers a wide variety of desserts to choose from. The Goan cuisine is largely influenced by Saraswat, Konkani, Portuguese, South Indian and British cuisines. If you are heading to Goa, you better not miss on trying these 10 sweets in Goa! Also Read - Nia Sharma Breaks Internet With Her Bikini Pictures From Goa; Six Tips to Achieve That Stunning Bikini Body

1. Bebinca

Bebinca is a very popular, egg-based multi-layered sweet dish. It is also known as bibik or bebinka. The ingredients include plain flour, sugar, ghee (clarified butter), egg yolk, coconut milk and almond slivers are used for garnishing. It is served with vanilla ice cream, and that’s a delicious combination, we must tell you! Also Read - Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi Moves Out of Delhi to Goa With Son Rahul To Avoid Pollution

2. Doce

Doce is a sweet made using chickpeas and coconut. It is served as a teatime sweet.

3. Dodol

Dodol is a Goan dessert made using coconut, jaggery and rice flour. It is a thick brown colored pudding.

4. Patoleo

Patoleo, Patoli or tumeric leaf cakes is made using turmeric leaves stuffed with rice, jaggery and coconut.

5. Kidyo/Kulkul

Kidyo or Kulkuls are curly concoctions dipped in sugar treacle. These crunchy delights are too good to be missed!

6. Neureos


Maharashtra has Karanji, Goa has Neureos. With an outer covering of maida, Neureos have a scrumptious filling made from coconut.

7. Kokad

Kokad is yet another dessert made using coconut. It literally melts in your mouth and one can’t eat one and stop!

8. Coconut Ice

Coconut ICe

Coconut Ice is a pretty pink colored sweet made using coconut, sugar, rava among other ingredients. Though it’s an easy recipe, it needs a lot of patience to make! So if you get a chance to try it, don’t miss it.

9. Bolinhas

Bolinhas done

Bolinhas are small cakes also known as coconut cookies. These are eaten at teatime. The main ingredients include Rawa, Sugar, Ghee, Flour, Baking Powder, Eggs and Cardamom.

10. Perad

Perad is also referred to as Guava cheese. It is reddish brown in color, made from guavas and deliciously soft. It is either eaten for breakfast when not fully cooked. Or it is served as dessert when fully cooked.


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