Ladakh is one of the most beautiful destinations in India and around the world. From the snowcapped mountains and the deep valleys, the crystal blue rivers and the cloudy skis, Ladakh is almost paradise on earth and one of the geographically diverse destinations that India can boast of. The destination is located in the northernmost state of India Jammu and Kashmir and is one of the best road trip destinations for bikers around the world! Apart from the serene natural beauty of Ladakh, it is also home to some of the most unique, ancient and beautiful monasteries that are definitely worth visiting. Here are 10 monasteries in Ladakh apart from the ones in Leh and Zanskar that you must visit on your next trip.Also Read - Sad! Indus River Gets Polluted With Trash, Ladakh MP Calls it 'Inhuman' | See PICS

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1. Chemrey Monastery

Ladakh Chemrey Monastery

Photograph courtesy: Bob Witlox/Creative Commons

2. Lamayuru Monastery

Ladakh Lamayuru Monastery

Photograph courtesy: Amol Hatwar/Creative Commons

3. Likir Monastery

Ladakh Likir Monastery

Photograph courtesy: Joe Athialy/Creative Commons

4. Lingshed Monastery

Ladakh Lingshed Monastery Also Read - 5 Extreme Destinations For The Brave-Hearted Traveller - Would You Dare to Visit?

5. Matho Monastery

Ladakh Matho Monastery

Photograph courtesy: Martin Sojka/Creative Commons

6. Phyang Monastery

Ladakh Phyang Monastery

Photograph courtesy: Hceebee/Creative Commons

7. Rizong Monastery

Ladakh Rizong Monastery

Photograph courtesy: Hceebee/Creative Commons

8. Sani Monastery

Ladakh Sani Monastery

Photograph courtesy: Sandeepa Chetan/Creative Commons

9. Sumda Chun Monastery

Ladakh Sumda Chun Monastery

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

10. Takthok Monastery

Ladakh Takthok Monastery

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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