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Several travelers love staying in a fancy hotel when on vacation. Heck, for many, the hotel stay is one of the most important parts of the trip, even more than sightseeing at times. And then there are quick romantic getaways when we just don’t want to leave the hotel room or step outside the resort premises. If you are one such vacationer, you need to read this before you book your next stay. We list 10 things that hotel staff won’t tell you. Some may gross you out while others will just make you more cautious about your stay. So, bookmark this page and share it with fellow travelers who love a vacation in a resort. Also Read - India-China Ladakh Standoff: 'Situation Stable And Controllable, All Channels Open For Talks,' Says Beijing

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1. Your room is not as clean as you think it is!

The bigger the hotel, the more number of rooms it has. And while the staff is also more, it is not always possible to keep the room spic and span as you’d like it to be. Yes, hotel staff take ample care to ensure that your room at least looks neat and clean but there is dirt that is not seen and you can take these germs back along. For instance, the cute throw pillows in fancy hotel rooms are not washed too often. They are also the ones guests mess with during a naughty pillow fight between the kids or couples. They fall on the floor, bed, etc and are simply set back in order before the next guests arrive. Not looking that cute anymore, right? Even curtains, bedspreads and sofa covers are seldom washed.

2. Almost all hotels have a dirty, gory secret

When we say this, we mean most hotels have had an incident of death in their premises. Most of the times it is in one of the rooms and the staff has to keep it under wraps, hidden from the other guests but obviously not the concerned authorities. Since hotels are meant to give you a peaceful, relaxing stay, you can be assured that you will not learn about this from the staff.

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3. Be nice to the staff and you can be rewarded

The hotel staff no matter what position they hold can offer you a range of benefits from extra towels to discounts on food coupons, etc but the trick is to make sure you impress them. Once the hotel staff is happy with your behavior as a guest, they are likely to offer you some perks in their capacity. The staff is expected to be courteous but it requires some motivation to go the extra length. So the next time you are in a hotel, make sure you are nice to the staff and ask for things in a polite manner.

4. The best day to check-in to your room is on a Sunday

Most vacationers plan their trip that ends on the weekend as they get back to the grind from Monday. So, it only makes sense to get the best deal by checking in on a Sunday. The staff is not overworked as there are fewer guests and you can expect to get more discounts and offers to fill up all the rooms. Most business travelers also come in on a weekday so check-in on a Sunday and you will thank the service offered.

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5. Best rooms are reserved for guests via travel agents

If you are someone who books hotel rooms via online search, you are likely to get a room that is average as compared to a guest who books via a travel agent. The logic behind this is that a travel agent guest is more loyal and is likely to come back if given a good service while an online booker is mostly looking for great deals and is likely to go for the cheapest deal available. However, this is not always the case and it is not like your room will be bad just because you got a cheap deal.

6. You can check-in before the official check-in time

Most hotels offer a check-in time that is noon or post that and many travelers book their flights accordingly, sometimes even giving up a cheap deal to reach the hotel on the given time and not before that. However, it is possible to check-in to the hotel before the official time and most likely, your room will be ready too. And even if it is not, you are free to keep your luggage with the concierge and wait in the hotel lobby or explore the resort. You can hit the bar or grab a bite or even get a spa.

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7. Guests are usually not aware of the celebrities who are staying in the hotel

Celebs checking into hotels is very common and the staff is well aware of it. However, they are also good at concealing this from guests and unless you really spot the celeb somewhere in the hotel premises, you will not come to know who is there, really. The staff has usually seen many celebs and are not really starstruck anymore.

8. The staff knows about your extra-marital affairs and flings

Cheating on your spouse, having a fling, one-night stands and checking in to rooms with escorts is something hotel staff witness on a daily basis. It does not shock them, nor do they judge people. However, they are usually aware of who does what with whom and are tight-lipped about their guests. As long as the guests clear their bills and keep the room in a proper condition, the staff does not find any need to interfere in their personal matters.

9. You can get a good deal by simply calling up the hotel reservation desk

If you are always on the lookout for a cheap deal, make sure you make your next booking by calling up the hotel. This can help you get a better deal as they often can upgrade you to a superior room or make additions like free breakfast, etc. You can even negotiate with them by telling them the online rate offered and ask them to top that. If it is possible, they will do so and if not, they will ask you to book online.

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10. Tipping every staff member who has served you is always a good idea

You may think that the staff at a five-star hotel is minting money and earns really well but that isn’t always the case. The tip you give is always an add-on to the salary they draw which is not really that high in most places especially the housekeeping staff or bellboy, concierge, etc. Since you are likely to be served by them, it is always nice to keep a few bucks handy for them. Unless the service is really bad, a tip is usually a good idea.


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