Brazil is a country with incredible diversity and cultural mix. The travelers are greeted by the cool breeze of Atlantic Ocean, marvelous architecture, white sand beaches and a riot of colors in Brazil. The country is famous for its thick rainforest, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, interesting history and beautiful coral lined islands. Also Read - Flight Operations Resume at Mumbai Airport Just 4 Hrs After Cyclone Nisarga Hits Coast

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Being the largest country in South America, each region has its own unique dance, tradition and food. If you are presently in Brazil attending the 2016 Rio Olympics, you must be having your list of places to visit and things to do. However, there are few things that only a local would tell you about and are considered traditional by Brazilians (yes, it does include football). Here is a list of things you must try in Brazil to understand their way of life. Also Read - Unlock 1, Day 4 LIVE: Chaos Continues at Delhi-NCR Border, Number of Cases Rises in Lutyens' Delhi

1. Attend a street party

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It’s fun and it’s free! The street parties in Rio de Janeiro are just one of the things you must not miss. While the streets come alive with music and dance seemingly spontaneously, the vendors on the street keep the parties going with steady supply of food and drinks. Just be little careful as the streets will be crowded. Gavea and Lapa are popular party streets.

 2. Enjoy the sun on the beach

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The white sand beach and the azure blue ocean will force you to spend an entire day on the beach. So, get a canga, which is a beach towel in Brazil, and soak up the sun. You can also go for scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling and other water sports. Brazil is known for its beachs and skimpy bikinis, so don’t forget yours.

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3. Drink caipirinha


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This is the national cocktail in Brazil and you cannot miss this on your trip to the country. Made with lime, sugar and cachaça (sugarcane liquor), caipirinha is available at every bar, beach and restaurants.

4. Visit Recife

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Recife is known as the Brazilian Venice for its network of waterways and many islands. The place is also has a rich history. The best way to experience Recife is by wandering its colorful streets. Some of the tourist attractions here are the old and charming Santa Isabel theatre, Santo Antonio do Convento de Sao Francisco church and Museu do Acucar.

5. Eat  Pão de queijo

Pão de queijo1

Photograph Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Pão de queijo is cheese bread that melts in your mouth. These ball-shaped bread are usually consumed as snacks with coffee.

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6. Watch the Samba

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Because, your trip to Brazil is incomplete without samba. If you missed the carnival, you can go to a Samba school to watch this hip-shaking energetic form of dance. There are several samba schools in Sao Paulo and Rio. You can either watch the rehearsal or learn a step or two.

7. Taste Brigadeiro


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This Brazilian delicacy may leave you a few pounds heavier, but it’s worth it. Brigadeiro is made using cocoa powder, condensed milk and butter. It can be eaten when it is still warm from the pot. Generally, it is available as small balls with chocolate granules sprinkled on top.

8. Explore the Pantanal wetlands

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Located in the central west region of Brazil, Pantanal is the world’s largest fresh wetland covering over 210,000 sq km of land. The wetland is rich in biologically diverse aquatic plants. The place is home to giant otters, caimans, jaguars and anacondas. You can also spot kites, hawks and herons.

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9. Experience the beautiful culture of Fortaleza


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The Gothic-Roman Fortaleza Cathedral and Fortress of Nossa Senhora da Assuncao will offer you a glimpse of the rich history of the place. Take a tour of the markets, galleries and museums or relax on Fortaleza’s beautiful beaches. The place is also popular for its night life.

10. Play football


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You are in Brazil, what else would you do to feel the pulse of the country? Play football on the beach, street or park and you don’t have to be professional for that. This is as Brazilian as it gets.


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