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Travelling needs planning. You have to decide on a budget, select a country you want to visit, book tickets and prepare for the journey. You need to travel smart to enjoy your holidays. It is usually the little things that can make your trip less stressful and smooth. Here is a list so simple tips to make your travel smooth. Also Read - Scientists Convert Structure of Coronavirus Into Soothing Music, Here is Why

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1. Plan different activities before you leave

It is advisable to plan your activities before you leave for the vacation. This will give you time to make reservations for that cooking class you always wanted to go to or the safari offered by the country’s national park. Also Read - Crackers Are Passe, This BJP Leader Fired Shots in Air to Fulfil PM Modi's '9 Baje 9 Minute' Request, Booked

2. Follow the airport on social media for flight updates


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To get the minute updates on flight cancellations, delays and weather conditions, follow the airport that you plan on flying on social media. The delays will give you some extra time to spend in the city. You can also download the airport app to get the updates.

3. Keep essential things in carry-on

If there are items that you absolutely cannot live without, keep it in your carry-on. Pack it efficiently to get through the airport security quickly. Keep your gels and lotions in a small pouch, so that it can be pulled out easily during screening.

4. Mark your bag

The endless stream of bags at the airport might confuse you. Mark your bag using a large sticker or stitching your initials, it will help you to identify your bag instantly and will be on your way to explore the new city.

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5. Carry portable chargers/ power banks

Nowadays we are connected to our laptops and phones and who wants to leave their gadgets uncharged. Although most of the places have power ports and charging stations, there are many places that don’t have these facilities. It is better to purchase portable charger or power banks.

6. Buy a guide book


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As soon as you reach your destination, get your hand on a guidebook. These books usually highlight the major tourist attractions and the routes to reach there. It will give you an idea about which places are close to each other and can be covered in a single day.

7. Carry a hand sanitizer and tissues all the time

These are the most common and important things you tend to forget while travelling. Carry your hand sanitizer everywhere with you to avoid falling sick. You don’t want to spend your time searching for a medical store instead of sightseeing.

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8. Take copy of your passport


Photograph courtesy: Ian Baldwin

Take a snap or carry a hardcopy of your passport as a precaution. It will be useful in case you misplace your bag or you lose it and you require ID proof. Being stuck in a foreign land without a copy of your passport is the worst nightmare

9. Know the exchange rates before you travel

Knowing the exchange rates offered by the country you are visiting will enable you to decide on the budget. You will know how much you will be spending on an average on your trip. You will also get an idea of how much you will be paying for things in the country you are visiting.

10. Take lots of photos


Photograph courtesy: Sebastian Pichler

Finally, take lots and lots of photos to capture the beautiful moments. Let your family and friends experience the places you visited through photos. Wait till you get back home to share those experiences on social media.

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