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10 Travel Sites Where You Can Pay Using Cryptocurrencies

The merging of blockchain and cryptocurrency has benefited tourism significantly. Cryptocurrency overcomes some of the drawbacks of physical money by providing increased security, as well as speedier and less expensive transactions.

Published: January 17, 2022 4:06 PM IST

By Travel Staff | Edited by Tanya Garg

RBI central bank digital currency
The RBI said the CBDC is a digital or virtual currency but it is not comparable to the private currencies that have mushroomed over the last decade.

A cryptocurrency is a digital and decentralised medium of trade. It can be used to buy and sell items as well as serve as a long-term value store. This is a completely new realm of currency, vastly different from the currencies familiar to the general public, who are still accustomed to digital transactions with national currencies. These digital transactions imply money movement without the need for real currency transfers, which was the standard in the pre-digital period.

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It overcomes some of the drawbacks of physical money by providing increased security, as well as speedier and less expensive transactions. It may also make it easier for unbanked people to obtain other means of payment. This might have a significant impact on financial inclusion both domestically and abroad.

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Tourism has reaped significant benefits from the integration of blockchain and cryptocurrency. To a large extent, it has automated and secured the transaction process. Several travel sites now accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment. Analytics Insight has compiled a list of the best travel sites that accept cryptocurrency as payment. Lets’s dive deeper into this.

  1. Travala was built as a blockchain-based travel booking platform, therefore in addition to accepting standard credit and debit cards, it offers the most cryptocurrency payment alternatives. It enables users to book from a pool of over 2 million hotels, airlines, and other services using digital currency.
  2. Alternative Airlines is one of the most popular cryptocurrency-accepting booking services. With the addition of crypto payment alternatives, the platform is rapidly expanding and drawing a large number of clients. Customers can pay in over 160 different currencies using over 40 different international payment methods.
  3. Destinia is one of the many platforms that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Travelers can look for flights, hotels, vehicles, trains, airport transfers, and a plethora of other options. Users can also enter financial parameters and plan full-fledged theme trips on the site.
  4. CheapAir assures that its customers get the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals. Apart from accepting major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the portal also offers low-interest pay-over-time plans and price drop paybacks, which can provide travellers with credits if their fares become cheaper after purchase.
  5. Bitcoin.Travel is a travel website that is supported by Bitcoin. The website is one of the most secure ways to buy a plane ticket using cryptocurrency. It works like a travel agency, connecting with other platforms to display a list of flights and hotel bookings, allowing users to compare reviews, costs, and other factors before purchasing.
  6. TravelbyBit is a travel website that takes Bitcoin as a form of payment. The user interface is straightforward and engaging to use. All major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and Litecoin, are accepted by TravelbyBit. The platform has received a lot of positive feedback from the reviewers, and they prefer it a lot.
  7. Berkeley Travel accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment and encourages variable pricing, recognising that clients may use a variety of currencies. It is a high-end travel firm that will handle hotel transfers in the event that the aircraft is delayed, as well as ensure that the hotel room is ready when you arrive.
  8. ETravelSmart is an Indian online bus ticketing site that uses the Unicoin service to accept Bitcoins. The platform teamed up with Unicoin to provide smart payment options that users can use on their phones to gain discounts and other great benefits.
  9. Xceltrip is a decentralised travel and tourism economy that gives clients direct access to travel service providers and gives travellers a lot of options when it comes to cost and luxury.
  10. BTCTrip has a lot of flights and special offers that you may buy with Bitcoins. Because it accepts a number of wallets, including GoCoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin, it is designated as a crypto community.

Go ahead, make your bookings and have a safe travel!

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Published Date: January 17, 2022 4:06 PM IST