Are you travelling to India for the first time and are worried about what to expect and what not to? Or are you an Indian planning to take your first trip across your own country? Honestly, a trip through India is indeed incredible and being slightly worried is quite normal too. But you need not stress too much. Sometimes guidebooks give too much information which confounds a traveler. Here are 10 simple tips that you must keep in mind for your trip through India, and it’ll be a memorable one.

1. Check baggage weight and pack light


It’s essential to check the weight of your baggage before setting forth. Read all details about baggage rules set by the airlines you plan to fly with. Extra weight will cost you more. It’s better to pack light, especially if you plan to shop in India. You certainly don’t want to spend a bomb for extra baggage weight, do you?

2. Choose the right season


The climatic conditions in India can be extreme and they differ from state to state. While winters can be unbearably cold in North India, summers can be too hot in coastal areas like Goa and Chennai. So, it’s advisable to read about the weather conditions in the month you are planning to visit India. This will not only help you to pack rightly for the season, but will also help to choose the right destination to visit during that season.

3. Choose your route wisely


India is a vast and diverse country. It has beaches for partying and relaxing, mountains for trek enthusiasts, scenic landscapes for photography lovers and much more. Make a rough sketch of your route through India based on your likes and dislikes so that you can choose the wise route for your trip.

4. Plan, but don’t over plan


While it’s good to plan your trip through India, don’t go overboard with planning. You might find some places in India more appealing than others, and may want to extend your trip there, this is absolutely right, so be a lil flexible while planning.

5. Stay healthy


When one travels to another country, there are more chances of falling ill, as it takes time for your body to adjust to the change. But as the adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Visit a doctor before commencing your journey, take necessary vaccines and medicines that you might need. Also, avoid tap water and places that look unhygienic.

6. Don’t lose your cool


Like every other country, India too has its share of scams to offer to tourists and travelers. Taxi drivers, tour guides, fake travel agents are always looking for vulnerable newcomers. So, stay calm and deal with each situation peacefully. Be smart and tackle over-friendly helpers, as they could have hidden intentions of money-making.

7. Buy a pair of flip-flops


Trekking boots are a must for those planning on using them. But if you plan a visit to Madurai, the city of Temples and your trip aims on covering religious destination, buy a pair of slippers or easily removable sandals. In most religious places in India, you aren’t allowed to wear your shoes inside the premises. It is quite a pain to remove them and wear them, over and over again.

8. Bargain


Everything is bargain-able. Right from shoes, fruits, vegetables to hotel rooms, car rentals, clothes, accessories and much more. So, whenever you plan to buy something, try and bargain. Ideally, enquire with a local to know the right price before buying anything.

9. Carry all sanitary products


Don’t forget to be well-stocked with your sanitary products. There are some remote places in India where you won’t find a shop for miles together. Carry toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wet wipes and all other necessary products.

10. Avoid PDA in public places


While metropolitans in India are more modern, it is better if you avoid PDA in public places. It will not only garner unwanted attention but could also lead to serious issues in some places. Not everyone in India freaks out coz of PDA, but many Indians are conservative.


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