The world has become a smaller place and that is enough reason for us to pack our bags and hit the road. Of course, traveling hasn’t become cheaper — airfare, road and train travel have only become more expensive — but the world has now opened up to several new possibilities. Whether it is couch-surfing or voluntourism, there are a lot more ways to see this wonderful planet we call home than ever before. From the caves of Greece to the castles of Scotland, from the geysers in the US to the quaint towns of France, there is so much to see, so many places to go. Question is where do you start! ALSO READ 10 spectacular waterfront cities in the world Also Read - Reel Life Ram Arun Govil Watches Ramayan Along With His Grandchildren, Picture Goes Viral

Melissani Cave is a fully developed caved in the Kefalonia island in Greece.

Kefalonia island - Greece

River of Flowers is a nature park in Holland that probably has flowers of every color possible

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A hike to the Dunnottar Castle in Scotland will take you directly to a Fairytale!

Dunnottar Castle in Scotland

Strokkur is a magnificent geothermal fountain located near Hvita river in Iceland


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The Fly Geyser in USA is a man-made geyser that gets its colors from various algae!

Fly geyser - Nevada USA

Rocamadour is a historic region in France, the architecture here will take you back in time.

Rocamadour France

A stay in the River House at Serbia would definitely be mesmerising, don’t you think?

river house serbia

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What’s not to like about the Tat Kuang Si waterfall in Laos?

Kuang Si Waterfalls at Luang prabang

Foss a Sidu in Iceland often flows upwards because of the strong winds.

foss a sidu

The Leshan Giant Buddha in China was carved out of a single cliff!


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The island of Santorini is an enchanting place built on a volcano depression.

santorini greece

Photographs: Shutterstock


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