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The summer heat is killing most of us and we’re dreading the thought of  what it’s going to be like in May! The sun has no plans of sparing any one of us! But if you’re looking for that one place where the summer heat doesn’t catch up, even in May, then Dras is the destination meant for you. Here are 11 pretty pictures of Dras that will make you want to visit Dras this summer!

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1.  Dras is a hamlet located approximately 60 km from Kargil in Jammu and Kashmir. The village is located on the road between Srinagar and Kargil.

2. It is known to be the second coldest inhabited place on earth after Oymyakon in Russia.

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Photograph courtesy: Sharda Prasad/Creative Commons

3. Dras is the first town located after the Zoji La mountain pass.

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Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

4. Dras is popularly referred to as the gateway to Ladakh.

5. The natives of Dras belong to the Dard community and they speak the Shina language.

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6. One of the popular places to visit in Dras is the Kargil War memorial but in honor of soldiers who protect the border.

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Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

7. Despite having subarctic climate conditions, Dras has a population of over a 1,000 people.

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Photograph courtesy: Ellyah/Creative Commons

8. Dras is located at an elevation of over 3,280 m above sea level.

9. The trek to Dras takes around three days from the Suru valley or the Mushkhu valley.

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10. May is the last month of winter in Dras.

11. The lowest temperature drop observed in Dras was during the winter of 1995, when the temperature dropped to as less as -60ºC

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Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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