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Nainital which is very popular with tourists who will have something extra to look forward to very soon, if all goes well. Uttarakhand can now boast of having a fourth bird conservation reserve in the state. This reserve has been named the Naina Devi Himalayan Bird Conservation Reserve, after the beloved Goddess Naina Devi, whom the locals worship (and from whom Nainital has derived its name). It is going to be located in proximity to Nainital at a place called Kilbury, which by the way makes for a lovely walk. It is barely 9 kilometres from Nainital. The reserve will encompass places such as Kilbury and Pangot (about 15 kilometres away). The Naina Devi Bird Reserve will be the largest of the four bird reserves, covering an area of almost 112 sq km. This step ensures that the wildlife would be protected and can help increase the incomes of the locals. The great thing is that the wildlife here will have a safe haven and their natural habitat will be protected. Among the wildlife, countless birds living in these forests will get a chance to breathe fresh air, literally. We are talking of more than 200 plus bird species that can thrive here! So let’s take a pictorial look at 11 delightful birds that belong in this region and which many bird enthusiasts can spot on their long walks in and around Nainital. Also Read - 'If Birds Had Arms': Edited Video of Birds With Hands Instead of Wings, Playing Guitar-Clicking Selfies, Leaves Internet in Splits | WATCH

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Great Barbet

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Himalayan Woodpecker 

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Long-tailed Minivet 

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Grey-backed Shrike 

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Maroon Oriole 

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Eurasian Jay 

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Kalij Pheasant

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Blue Throated Flycatcher

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Verditer Flycatcher

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Red-rumped Swallow