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” The season of love and romance is here!” Hello? No! As romantic and fun this season may be for a few including myself, certain people like my brother are always going to hate it! The sight of water pouring itself disgusts them and there’s practically nothing that they enjoy about the rains. The following is the list of things that every “monsoon hater” can easily relate to when in this cosmopolitan city Mumbai! Also Read - Mumbai Rains: Heavy Rains Paralyse City, IMD Warns of 'Flooding', Local Trains Suspended Due to Waterlogging; BMC Declares Holiday

1. You hate the fact that your clothes are going to take forever to dry!

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2. Everything smells disgusting and pungent!


3. Your shoes are mucky all the time and there’s no way you’re returning home in a dry paint of jeans.


4. Travelling is a pain in the wrong place and trains are a nightmare!

mumbai_train done

5. However hard you try, you are going to get wet in the end and this annoys the hell out of you.


6. There’s nothing romantic about getting wet along with your partner in the rain! Disgusting!


7. The only two things that you probably like about this season is its monsoon sale and the fact that it’s going to end soon!


8. You probably have lost a couple of umbrellas this season and obviously blame the rains for it!


9. The mall has become your favorite hangout spot and the only reason being, it is rain proof!

shopping with dad

10. You are going to get yelled at a couple of times at work place since there’s no way the trains are going to be on time on heavy downpour days.

mumbai monsoon

11. Every car driver is an ass! Cause getting splashed at is a common phenomena every now and then.



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