So, what do you do when those boring board games and sing-song sessions finally come to an end? It’s simple, you move on to do wacky things that are more fun and worth all your efforts. Train journeys can be boring as well as exhausting! Especially when they last for a few days together and exactly when we need our I-pod the most, it’s obviously going to ditch us! So, what next? Give up? No! Gather all the fun and enthusiasm that’s in you and make the most out of the journey! You never know how amazing those few hours could get. Here’s a list of a few crazy things you could do to keep yourself entertained while on-board. Also Read - 5 Essential Items to Carry on a Train Journey

1. Befriend a stranger and indulge in a random conversation. Sometimes you may come across the most hilarious stories you’ve ever heard on these long train journeys!


2. Take a walk from one end of the train to another, and you would be surprised to find sections you did not know existed.

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3. Embarrass your friends or co-passengers by making random farting sounds around them!

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4. Occupy the restroom for a long time and keep a few people waiting in line to test their tolerance/self-control level.


5. Find someone attractive to flirt with. Remember, healthy flirting is always good for your health!


6. Paint a friend’s face while he or she is asleep and wait for them to notice their painted face themselves. The look on their face will definitely be worth capturing if possible!


7. Get off at a random station and try catching the train while it is in motion. Despite the huge risk you’re taking, the thrill is definitely worth it!


8. Share food with your fellow travelers with the intention to oblige them to do the same. This way you need not worry about starving at times when there’s no food available around.


9. Sit by the entrance of your compartment for a while and feel the cool breeze that passes you. This will certainly help you refresh your mind.


 10. Trouble the vendors that pass you, by inquiring about each and every item that they are selling and eventually end up buying nothing! Believe me! This will definitely tick them off and the look on their face would be worth a million dollars!

seller in train

11. Stay up beyond midnight and discuss superstitions and scary ghost stories in depth!


12. While the rest of the people around you are fast asleep, exchange their footwear and bags. The next morning is going to be hilarious!