Kufri is a quaint hamlet in Himachal Pradesh and is one of the most beautiful hill stations in the north. Kufri is just about 20 km from Shimla and serves as a destination to relax away from the crowds of the popular and commercialized Shimla. It is also the base point for several treks that lead to Manali. It is connected to various other villages and treks like Rewalsar and Fagu which offer views just as splendid as the ones at Kufri. Since Kufri is surrounded by the lower Himalayas, it is located over 7,000 ft above sea level making the weather at the hill station pleasant throughout the year. Till the early 18th century, Kufri was a part of the Kingdom of Nepal. Not many knew of this stunning hill station. It was only close to a century later that the British discovered it as a lovely place to vacation at. Here are 13 breathtaking photos of Kufri that will make you consider traveling to this village soon!Also Read - Stunning Fresh Snowfall PICS of Kufri, Narkanda in Himachal Will Make You Want to Travel

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Kufri is one of the oldest skiing destinations in India.

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It is also known for hosting an annual winter sports event which attracts people from across the globe.


Photograph courtesy: Nikhil Hirurkar/Creative Commons

Apart from the verdant landscapes, Kufri is home to a large number of Himalayan flora and fauna.


In fact, the Kufri Zoo is a major attraction of the town species like the Himalayan monal, rare antelopes and various birds.


Photograph courtesy: Aman Gupta/Creative Commons

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It is surrounded by tall Himalayan mountains that are so perfect, they look photoshopped!


As far as sightseeing is concerned, there are a number of Buddhist and Hindu temples in and around Kufri that you can pay your respects at.


Photograph courtesy: Ishan 84/Creative Commons

Or just walk around the gorgeous town that is definitely not overcrowded with tourists.


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And if you’re feeling extremely adventurous, try the Mahasu Trek, the highest peak of the region.


Photograph courtesy: Swamy SK/ Creative Commons

Kurfi is full of nature parks and trails, the Himalayan Nature Park and the Indira Tourist Park are two of the popular ones.

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


And brings you close to nature and the simplicity of life at these hill stations.


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Kufri offers a perfect mix of adventure, nature and relaxing on a vacation.


It’s one of those places where you’ll want to stay just a bit longer!


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