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We all love IRCTC, don’t we?  Despite all the complains right from booking tickets to the food you eat on board, at the end of the day, there is probably no other mode of transport in India that is economical, safe and comfortable. Traveling across India has been made easier over the years with higher connectivity of trains. In fact, there are several luxury train tours organized by government tourism development corporation. Also Read - MTB vs MFE Dream11 Team Prediction, Vanuatu T10 League 2020: Captain And Vice-Captain, Fantasy Cricket Tips MT Bulls vs Mighty Efate Panthers at Vanuatu Cricket Ground June 6 7:30 AM IST Saturday

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So here is a list of ten types of people you’ve already met or are most likely to meet on one of your train journeys across India!

1. The one without a ticket

This is the person with an RAC ticket and will ask you to scoot just a little bit, and end up taking up your entire seat!

2. The Antakshari group

antakshari group

They’re usually a happy chirpy family or an over enthusiastic groups of friends. These people won’t let anyone sleep!

3. The just married couple

Well, the PDA may disturb you just a tad bit!

4. The extremely chatty aunty

By the end of the journey you’ll know what her kids are doing, where her tailor is and she’ll probably set you up with somebody eligible she knows!

5. The cranky kid

This is the kid you’ll hate on the journey, but you can’t not be nice to them. Let me warn you, their parents won’t be too apologetic either!

6. The charging point hogger

This smart one, holds on to the seat by the window and never lets go of the only functioning charging point! Somebody played this one smart!

7. The snorer

After the antakshari is over, you’ll try catching up on some sleep. But this boss of the bogie won’t let you!

8. The ones with a lot of baggage, quite literally


This kind is the scariest of them all. Not only will they eat up more than half- let me be honest, ALL- of your space, but they will also make you feel like you’re the one owing them something.

9. The creepy flirt

This guy can’t be avoided wholly, but you can try your best! (Keep your pepper-spray handy)

10. The ones with food for the whole bogie

Yes, they will offer some to you, but only if you’re nice (and put up with their crying kids, their noisy teenagers and snoring adults). It’s an offer you cannot reject!

11. The complaint box

It’s usually this one girl, who’s a complete misfit. You see, she’s probably was expecting a servant at every beck and call!

12. The ghost traveler

You literally won’t know they existed. It’s only when you wake up to them sitting right in front of you. (Heads up, they’re just introverts who like to keep to themselves)

13. The person who gets hit on

This one’s usually one of those cute/hot/pretty/handsome/makes you go weak in the knees kind of a person.

and then… there’s you!

So, how many types of people have you met? Share your experiences with us either on the discussion board below or write in to and we will carry the most interesting responses right here on itripto!