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The season of romance has finally arrived! But, hey! Let’s not forget, with the rains come droopy moods, travelling issues, mucky shoes, stinky hair but most of all, limitations on outdoor plans. But if your girl gang is quite as amazing as mine, nothing could stop them from enjoying this season to the fullest. Don’t we all love our girlfriends? The ones who keep the romance alive in our lives despite the absence of guys, the ones who never judge us, bear with our mood swings, deal with our clumsy heartbreaks, don’t care about how well we’re dressed but most of all, who are always open to new adventures and plans. Do not let this Monsoon get in between your girl gang and you. Looking for things to do along with them this season? Keep scrolling! Also Read - PM Modi Discusses Coronavirus Pandemic With His Spanish Counterpart, Assures Support From India

1. Hello! Obviously, get out and get wet!

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2. Have a hot cup of coffee along with that steaming controversial gossip session you’ll haven’t been able to catch up on since quite some time.


3. Grab your gang and have a hot bowl of soup on a day when it’s raining cats and dogs.


4. Get yourself and that two wheeler rain ready and go on a long but safe ride.

bike rides

5. Go to the parlor and enjoy a nice and refreshing session of pampering yourselves.


6.  Go to a beach and enjoy the company of your gang as the rain pours itself upon you.


7. Go on a long drive. Nothing can beat a long magical drive in the company of your closest girls.


8. Make a weekend trip to a nearby hill station.


9. Go on a monsoon trek!


10. Have a pajama party and watch an old romantic movie along with some steaming hot food. 


11. Bake! This could be the perfect bonding session for you guys.


12. Monsoon! and no roasted corn? Almost impossible! Sit by a quite lake, enjoy the weather and company along with some mouthwatering food.


13. Go camping and get out of that comfort zone! Challenge yourself and your girlfriends.


14. Visit a park, make mud balls and attack each other! It’s good to go back to being a child every once in a while.


Grab that phone! Make those calls and enjoy this season of romance with your girlfriends. These 14 activities will definitely enhance your love for monsoons.


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