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New York is to America what Mumbai is to India. It isn’t just the economic powerhouse of America but also the city that embraces everyone who arrives at its shore. New York’s iconic skyline is one that has always inspired a sense of hope and a new beginning and the Statue of Liberty has long since been the symbol of the free world where everything is possible. New York is a city where you don’t need to be someone to climb all the way to the top. Yes it is a city of dreams and it is a city that never sleeps. (For more such stories, check out our Photos section) New York is a melting pot of cultures and without a doubt one of the most cosmopolitan cities in America. There is something about New York that draws people to it — poets and artists, dreamers and doers, rich and poor — because unlike so many other cities around the world, New York doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t ask you the color of your skin, the country of your origin, the reason why you are taking shelter here. The 9/11 attacks shook all of America but New York picked up the pieces and stood tall. The Twin Towers have now made way for the new One World Trade Center that is symbolic of two of the most important things that New York stands for: liberty and resilience. Yes, New York is a city like no other. And we simply cannot have enough of you. So here’s to you, New York: Also Read - Haryana News: Shopping Malls Except in Faridabad, Gurugram Can Reopen; Restaurants at 50% Capacity

1. Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan with the city skyline over Hudson river

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2. The famous Times Square


3. Manhattan Skyline and The Statue of Liberty at night

Manhattan Skyline and The Statue of Liberty at Night-shutterstock_110654666

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4. Taxis on a regular New York street

Taxis on a regular New York street

5. Skyscrapers in lower Manhattan during a summer sunset

Skyscrapers in lower Manhattan during a summer sunset

6. Grand Central Terminal viaduc and old entrance

Grand Central Terminal viaduc and old entrance-shutterstock_159171224

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7. Gapstow bridge at Central Park

Gapstow bridge at Central Park

8. The magnificent Empire State Building in an illuminated Manhattan downtown skyline at dusk

Empire State Building in an illuminated Manhattan downtown skyline

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9. New York’s most prominent landmark – Times Square

Times Square

10. Another spectacular sunset in Manhattan

Another Spectacular sunset in Manhattan

11. Central Park’s bow bridge during winter

Central Park's bow bridge during winter

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12. The 102-storey Empire State Building

Empire State Building

13. View of sunset from the Queensboro bridge

View of sunset from the Queensboro bridge

14. Ice ring at Rockefeller Center

Ice ring at Rockefeller Center

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15. New York skyline at night

New York skyline at night

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