While nature leaves us spellbound each time, there are some places are that so magical and out of the world that it’s impossible to keep your eyes off them. These vistas are so beautiful that there’s nothing you’d probably need to feel like a fairy tale character. Recently we shared pictures of some of the most picturesque castles around the world that took us straight all the way back to our childhood. This time, we bring to you landscapes that have left us in awe of the wonders of nature. Here are 15 photographs of places that we’re sure inspired a lot of the fairy tales that never stop amusing us. Also Read - On Phone, PM Modi Discusses COVID-19 Situation With French President Macron

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1.  Torres del Paine, Chile

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2. Rakotz Bridge, Germany


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3. Angel Falls, Venezuela


4. Hallerbos Forest, Belgium


5. Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand


Photograph courtesy: Opticoverload/Creative Commons

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6. Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan


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7. Gasadalur Coast, Denmark

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8. Chiang Mai, Thailand


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9. Angel Oak, South Carolina


10. Reed Flute Cave, China


11. Puez-Geisler Nature Park, Italy


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12. Oneonta Gorge, Oregon


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13. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

2-travel-dark hedges-northern ireland

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14. Abisco, Finland

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 15. Sea of Stars, Maldives