Road trips! These two words speak for themselves, there’s everything to love about a road trip! Especially a one with friends. The journey, the road, the jokes, the old stories that are brought back to life, the silence and the memories that are being made with each and every second that passes by that are simply priceless. The following is a list of things to keep in mind while on a road trip with friends. So, hit the road!

1. Cash is never enough, learn to plan and spend wisely!


2. Do not forget to keep changing your seats, or else you may just never be able to feel certain parts of your body again.

bff travel

3. Let the drivers just do the driving! Safety first, remember?

car prank dne

4. There’s no harm in sitting by the window every time you feel nauseous, some fresh air will only do you good!


5. Travel light! There’s no way all those bags and all of you’ll are going fit into that one tiny car


6. Grab anything and everything you find to eat, you may have to go miles without any food at times

food truck main

7. Your I pod is going to save you from that one annoying friend in your group, so don’t forget to charge it!

power bank

8. This is the best bonding session you’ll would ever experience. Make the fullest of it!


9. Put your seat belts on if a female’s driving! Just kidding! Or maybe not. Just fasten your seat belts.

road trip

10. Games are a must! Carry along a few travel friendly games and try and be kids all over again


11. Let it all go! Road trips are the best healers! Life is beautiful, do not forget that.

traveler 6

12. Do not be afraid to explore new paths! In the company of your friends, an adventure is just the thing you need.


13. One of you’ll have to make a road trip mix. There’s nothing better than the perfect songs playing in the background while you’ll  lose yourselves to the unknown journey ahead.

main dance club

14. Make sure that none of you’ll are constantly on the phone. Spend quality time with each other, a chance like this might not come around sometime soon

friends travelling

15. Do not forget to carry your cameras, you sure will need to look back at photos and re-live every moment!




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