France is one of the world’s most visited travel destinations. Located in west Europe, France is home to the third largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In fact, it is home to one of the world’s most romantic destinations, Paris. This national and cultural capital of France is the centre of most activities in the country. From being home to the Eiffel Tower, Arch De Triomphe and La Louvre museum, to being one of the four Fashion Capitals of the World, Paris is one of the hottest cities on this planet. Apart from an extremely glamorous capital, France boasts of producing some of the world’s best wine and cheese too. Visiting one of the French vineyards is as good as living a dream. France is surrounded by some of the most beautiful countries like Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The pentagonal country is lined by the Atlantic ocean to the west, the English Channel to the north west and the Mediterranean Sea to the south east. The tall Pyrenees, Juras and the Alps are mountains that add another dimension to the beauty of France. Here are 16 pictures that will make you want to visit France! Also Read - Reel Life Ram Arun Govil Watches Ramayan Along With His Grandchildren, Picture Goes Viral

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For a lot of people the Eiffel Tower is synonymous to France.

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Paris is dotted with various historic monuments that introduce travelers to the rich history of the city.


It is also home to the beautiful La Louvre museum which houses some of the greatest works of art including the Mona Lisa which is said to be the most visited work of art.


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France offers a unique cultural exchange for travelers from across the world.


Not only does it take you back in time to it’s history, but lets you have your own magical land with gorgeous castles like the Mont Saint-Michael itself.


The beautiful vineyards are simply breathtaking.


Ever wondered what it would be like to walk down these alleys and lanes?


Or, sitting in a corner and staring at landscapes like this?


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Don’t you wish you had your glass of wine while you romanticised the scenery?


And may be ride a bicycle in a village with lavender fields by the side!


The French Riviera looks so mind blowing that it lures you to keep looking at it, doesn’t it?


And the marvellous sunsets make you fall in love with it!


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Right now, don’t you wish you were in one of these boats, trying your best to speak in French?


Or may be just go for a swim at a beach that calls out to you!


France, it’s a classic combination of love, food, poetry and fashion!


How can views like these not make you want a vacation, right?


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