Let’s face it. We all dream of that one European vacation on which we will have the time of our life. A foreign land with pleasant weather, beautiful landscapes, romantic streets, jovial people, amazing places to eat, and great adventures to have – it’s the recipe for the best holiday. Europe is full of places which are capable of providing such an experience and more but not all of them are easy on the pocket. However, there are a few places in Europe which are easily affordable and can sweep you off your feet with their charm and ambiance. One such place is the beautiful Balkan nation of Bulgaria. Also Read - We Have Named Her 'Priyanka Twitter Vadra': UP Deputy CM's Jibe at Congress Leader

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Known for its beautiful beaches, Black Sea coastline, gushing rivers like the Danube, high mountains, breathtaking landscapes and rich culture, Bulgaria is fast emerging as one of the finest budget holiday destinations in Europe. Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, boasts of some magnificent monuments which stand out for their stunning architecture. Add to this its song and dance culture and what you have is a fantastic destination that has something for all kinds of visitors. Also Read - 11 Tremors in 3 Months Not Enough? Major Earthquake Likely to Hit Delhi-NCR Soon, Experts Predict Severe Destruction

These 18 pictures of Bulgaria give you a glimpse of its beauty and show why it should be numero uno on your favorite destination list.

1. Field of beautiful spring time crocus in the Rila mountains

Field of spring time crocus in the Rila mountains

2. The famous Alexander Nevski Cathedral in capital city Sofia

Alexander Nevski Cathedral in capital of Bulgaria Sofia

3. Sunset as seen from the highest point on the Balkan Peninsula

Epic sunset from the highest point on the Balkan Peninsula

4. The magnificent Banya Bashi Mosque in Sofia

Banya Bashi Mosque in Sofia

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5. Beautiful church near Rila Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Beautiful church in Unesco World Heritage site famous Rila Monastery

6. Dramatic sunrise scene at Cape Kaliakra overlooking the Black Sea

Beautiful dramatic sunrise at cape Kaliakra-Black Sea-Bulgaria

7. The twin Bliznaka Lake in Rila mountains

Bliznaka (Twin) Lake in Rila mountain

8. A bridge near the medieval fortress Ovech in Provadia

Bridge nearby medieval fortress Ovech in Provadia Bulgaria

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9. A day during winter

A day during winter in Bulgaria

10. A colorful Russian church in Sofia

colorful Russian church in Sofia

11. The famous Golden Sands coastal resort

Golden Sands coastal resort in Bulgaria

12. An aerial view of Old Nessebar city

Old Nessebar city- Bulgaria- aerial view from helicopter

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13. Old stone bridge during winter

Old stone bridge in Bulgaria during the winter

14. Tsarevets fortress in Veliko Turnovo

Tsarevets fortress in Veliko Turnovo- Bulgaria

15. Winter landscape with a stunning piece of architecture


16. Primorsko


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17. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia on a cloudy day

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia

18. Winter landscape in the Pirin mountains

Winter landscape in Pirin mountain

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