If you were game enough to walk on any street in India this morning, then you certainly did not return home the way you had left! Chances are that your face was unrecognizable and your clothes a different color. More often than not, this day leaves a colorful stamp on people’s faces, clothes and minds for many days to come. After all, it’s Holi – the festival of colors which transforms the nation into a canvas that is sprayed with all kinds of colors in all kinds of patterns. Each person’s face and body today is a work of abstract art and a testimony of the convivial nature of festivals and celebrations in India. The festival of Holi brings together people from all races and religions as they apply powdered colors on each other’s faces. Those who do not approve are often made to give in with a simple phrase “bura na maano holi hai” (“Don’t mind.. it’s Holi”) as enthusiasts apply red, yellow, green and blue colors on their faces. If you are lucky, you can sometimes get away with just a tilak. Nevertheless, you cannot escape the excitement and crazy fervor around you. Truly, there is no better time to be in India than during Holi. Also Read - Rajasthan News: Shops, Parlours to Open in State, Govt Offices to Function in Full Strength From June 1

This year, like every other, saw people come out in large numbers and put their best foot and brightest colors forward. Here are 25 beautiful pictures from all across India showing how it kept the spirit of Holi alive today. Also Read - Swara Bhasker Describes Struggle of Helping Migrant Workers: Have to Sift Through Filth in my Comments Section

1. Chandigarh… that’s Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell by the way!


Image: Getty Images

2. Amritsar

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3. Jodhpur


4. BSF jawans at Attari

BSF jawans celebrate Holi at the Attafri-Wagah border

5. Balurghat in West Bengal

Balurghat in West Bengal

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6. Foreign tourists at Bikaner


7. Chennai


8. Dehradun


9. Holika preparation in Faridabad


10. Gangtok


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11. Malda in West Bengal


12. Holika at City Palace in Jaipur

Jaipur City Palace

13. Kolkata

Kolkata Rangotsav

14. Lucknow

Lucknow (2)

15. Panaji in Goa


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16. Mumbai

Mumbai children 2

17. Jaipur


18. Patna


19. Santiniketan in West Bengal


20. A BSF jawan greets Pakistani visitor at Wagah-Attari

BSF Jawan at Attari border Pakistani visitor

Images: IANS

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