The view from Kalsubai, Photograph Courtesy: Fitrangi/Creative Commons

Standing at around 5,400 feet above sea level, Kalsubai in Igatpuri is the tallest peak in Maharashtra and a daunting two-day trek. And a group of 23 diabetic patients recently completed this trek as part of an initiative called OneUp, aimed at improving the fitness of those afflicted by the chronic illness. The group consisted of 23 young adults and children from 13 Indian cities, and their trek aimed at raising awareness of type 1 diabetes, which is what they all suffer from, and show everyone that even a chronic illness of that magnitude should not diminish your horizons. ALSO READ: 5 offbeat getaways from Mumbai you can visit this weekend Also Read - Trending News Today May 11, 2020: 'He Was Our Guardian Angel': Maharashtra Villagers Name Locality After Irrfan Khan to Pay Tribute

The OneUp initiative was started by Diabetes India, Sanofi India and Udaan to help the kids get fitter despite their diagnosis. The participants came from cities like Kolkata, Kanpur, Belgaum, Aurangabad, Bangalore and Chandigarh, and of course nearby Mumbai. The trek took place on October 6-8, 2017, under the cover of what must have been overcast skies as the receding monsoon paid a last visit to the region. Also Read - Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2019: Bahujan Vikas Aaghadi's Kshitij Hitendra Thakur Wins From Nalasopara by Margin of 43,729 Votes

A diagnosis of diabetes can often put an abrupt end to your outdoor plans, but that didn’t stop these kids from getting out and exploring. Nakul Tiwari from Aurangabad, for instance, is a district-level cricket who was diagnosed when he was eight years old. Now 19, he takes five insulin shots a day to keep his diabetes in control. And 17-year-old Manjusha Barve from Aurangabad was diagnosed four years ago and, in his words, ‘nothing should stop you’. And we agree with him. Also Read - Igatpuri: A Green Paradise Tucked in The Western Ghats

The group’s health was monitored by endocrinologist Dr. Archana Sarda from Udaan, and she was quick to say that being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes should not stop you from doing what you want in life. She added that the trek will give confidence to the kids and many others struggling with their condition. N Rajaram of Sanofi India said that with a well-monitored, healthy and fit lifestyle, someone with type 1 diabetes can achieve anything. NOW READ: How to reach Kalsubai peak from Mumbai by road

India, unfortunately, ranks second in the number of kids who are 14 years or younger with type 1 diabetes, according to the International Diabetes Federation. And the number of patients with this illness is rising by around 3 percent every year. Hopefully, this trek will remind everyone to check their health and help those already dealing with the disease to break out of their shell and get fitter.