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Traveling is much more than visiting places, clicking pictures and ticking off places to see that the guide book mentions. It’s about finding yourself while lost on a deserted land or while trying some daredevil adventure sports. If you think that to travel is to live, you will certainly love the quotes mentioned in this article. What more! Many of these quotes will just motivate you to take yet another vacation. Also Read - Indian-American Professor Goes Missing on Mount Rainier Hike, Family Puts up Social Media Posts Asking For Help

1. Don’t you agree with this? Also Read - Mother Teresa's Death Anniversary: 10 Inspirational Quotes About Kindness by The Nobel Prize Winner


2. The best trips of one’s life stay close to the heart, always. And the memories are always on the mind, aren’t they?


3. We meet a certain type of people who crib that their homeland has nothing beautiful to see. Well, a traveler always explores and loves his own country before globe-trotting!


4. Curiosity is good. Especially about new places!


5. Exploring the unexplored is the most adventurous part of a traveler’s life!


6. Well now, when travelers bump into each other, the only thing they talk about revolves around the number of states, villages and countries they’ve been to. Don’t you agree?


7. Ah, well said! Those who love wandering off to new places, hate being trapped by routine.


8. Everyone who loves to travel has a bucket list, and the joy they get when they finally start ticking off places! *BLISS*


9. Fair point, well made! A voyager loves the idea of traveling, no matter where to.


10. Memories of journeys never leave the mind. The most beautiful ones keep replaying, leaving one yearning for a trip like that, again.


11. Some people always keep planning to take a trip, but never do so. Well, this one’s for them!


12. Deep, but so true!


13. Couldn’t agree more! Each destination has so many stories to tell, and those who don’t travel, read only a page!


14. Everyone has pre-conceived notions about a certain place before actually visiting it. But when one begins to travel, they realise that whatever they heard was so wrong as compared to what the see in real!


15. Only a person who swears by traveling will understand the true meaning of this one!


16. While traveling, you may have to spend for the airfare, train tickets, and for the stay, but the experience certainly makes one richer!


17. True that! So many destinations will leave you awestruck and lost for words, and yet later, give you so much to tell!


18. Only when you sit alone on the top of a mountain or go scuba diving and witness thousands of fish swimming around you, you will realise how small a place you occupy in this world!


19. Explore. Dream. Discover. Just these words sound so exciting to a traveler!


20. Traveling brings you closer to nature. And we begin to understand and admire it even more!


21. One feels more lively after traveling. It provides rejuvenation like nothing else can!


22. Rightly said! Traveling gives a kind of satisfaction that can’t be expressed in words!


23. OMG! Ain’t that absolutely true? All you need to do is zero in on a destination and then, you can disappear!


24. Tomorrow never comes, so delaying a trip is as good as cancelling it!


25. Well, now is the time to travel!! What’re you waiting for?


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