It’s unbelievable how much travelling has to offer to anyone willing to give it a shot. It makes you richer in terms of the experiences you gather and the things you learn along the way; it makes you mindful of the powerful beauty and myriad of stories around you.

Places are waiting to be explored, to be experienced, to be lived. Then why not pack your bags and set out for what could prove to be a life-altering odyssey for you, right before you hit 30. Think of it as a gift to yourself. You need to step out of that office cubicle today.

Here are the things you must do or experience, among countless other things, to enjoy all your trips to the fullest:

Interact with people of different nationalities

You might be a recluse, and not very fond of companionship, but you can’t forgo the fact that meeting new people, from all over the world holds the power to induce in you an inexplicable joy. Although people in foreign lands look different from, and speak different languages, adhere to different rules and customs and also have a different mind-set, but integrating with them would broaden our horizon that much more. Then why not take the opportunity to talk and spend some kickass time with people who’re like us but not exactly like us?

Warm up to a stranger

If you click with a stranger in a foreign country, go all out express your feelings. Don’t be creepy or desperate. There has to be consent involved, because the base of a relationship should be anything but flimsy. Sharing anecdotes with that person might  teach you more about different cultures, and you might end up learning from their experiences and vice-versa. There’s nothing more magical than having a great conversation with someone you don’t know in a foreign land. It makes you believe that deep down, we’re all the same.

Teach a musical instrument or a language in a foreign land

Can you picture a group of people keenly learning from you in a foreign land? Quite something, right? If you have the skills, put them to use. Teach an instrument casually. Or sign up to give language lessons. Like they say, what’s the joy in hoarding knowledge. Spread light by sharing it. You might end up making a few bucks too in the process. Those travel bills could use the help.



Make a documentary

It’s very easy. We keep clicking pictures everywhere we go. Now do that with a purpose. Learn some photography and videography tricks to make your footage look better. And then document the places you visit. Everything from the people you meet and the conversations you make. Record what you eat. Make full use of that camera slung over your shoulder. You’ll make memories, but making a documentary will help others’ to understand why they should also let the travel bug bite them after all.