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4 Reasons Why Tourism is The Next Growth Engine For India, TAAI President Jyoti Mayal Explains

Indian Tourism has the potential to become the world's greatest inbound, domestic, and even export tourism markets. Read on

Published: January 24, 2022 2:18 PM IST

By Travel Staff | Edited by Tanya Garg

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The survey was conducted by analysing a variety of factors including attractions such as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, wildlife, natural assets, range of landscapes, and the number of cosmopolitan cities. (File Photo)

Tourism in India amid COVID: The global COVID pandemic has wreaked havoc on the travel industry, with tourism taking the bulk of the impact. While the year 2021 finished on a brighter note, with vaccination efforts taking place around the world and people resuming their trip plans, then came Omicron, a novel COVID strain that threw all of those preparations into turmoil.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that the country has worked diligently over the last seven years to achieve tourism’s potential. The statement was well-received by the Indian travel trade and their partners abroad, that tourism will quickly bounce back. “Being the leading body representing travel & tourism fraternity wishes to convey its appreciation to the PM and government for stating the much-needed words at an opportune time when the sector is struggling to survive by confused protocols & no clear direction on support & revival,” said Jyoti Mayal, TAAI President.

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“The industry currently needs more than words and an effective plan of revival as a whole, rather than just MoT, MSME, MoCA, MEA, MoF, and so on. Why do we need to go from pillar to post as the most relevant sector to gain a clear direction when we all, including the Prime Minister, recognise the importance of this sector and its direct impact on economic growth and multi-value job creation,” she added.

The TAAI President believes that Indian Tourism is poised to become the world’s next growth engine, combining tourism, technology, and technical skilling.

Here are 4 reasons why tourism is the next growth engine for India:

1. Travel agents and tour operators are a whole industry

The function and responsibilities of the agent/operator have risen dramatically as a result of increased air traffic and the ongoing development of new airports and tourism infrastructure. Rather than just making reservations, they are a value-added facilitator of travel and tourism. Whether it’s improving travel protocols, hygiene, safety, or health, the facilitator is the face of the aviation and tourist industries’ efforts to achieve long-term, inclusive growth.

2. Immediate focus to recover tourism industry from pandemic

The Indian aviation and tourist industries require a long-term, powerful revival strategy, and their immediate goal is to recover the Indian tourism industry from the epidemic and to move forward with a socio-economic contribution to the Indian economy and on the global arena.

3. Potential to grasp league of tourism, technology, and technical skilling

Indian Tourism has the potential to become the world’s greatest inbound, domestic, and even export tourism markets, as well as the largest crossroads between east and west. Following the IT industry, Indian tourism is poised to become the world’s next growth engine, combining tourism, technology, and technical skilling

4. Tourism sector’s vision and mission orient with the government

TAAI’s vision and mission are all in line with the government, and they pledge full support and cooperation to the Indian travel trade and community. However, Joyti Mayal believes that an effective task force, led by the Prime Minister, is required to develop a collaborative long-term robust revival strategy for the Indian aviation and tourism industries.

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Published Date: January 24, 2022 2:18 PM IST