How hazardous plastic can be to our environment and our health is not new to us. Yet, we do not give it as much thought as it commands. While forgoing plastic bags in our daily chores is a great initiative, banning plastic from other aspects of our lives is equally important. And what better place to start than travel. There are tons of ways in which you can help by not using plastic while you travel. Here are just a few:

Use a stainless steel canteen 

Be it for water or food, you can really take this small step and bring about a huge change. For example, instead of buying mineral water every time, you could carry your own steel bottle and fill it up when you get a chance. You can also replace your plastic straw, fork and spoon with steel ones, and carry your own to wherever you eat to avoid using plastic ones. You must also keep steel containers for takeout purposes.


Instead of carrying small plastic bottles of shampoo, conditioner and soap, you can carry bars that are really easy to pack. Also, replacing your regular toothbrush with a bamboo or electric one is a great idea too. Moreover, you can also ask hotels for rooms where they have wall dispensers instead of sample-sized bottles of toiletries.  Also, multi-blade cartridge metal razors are a perfectly fine substitute to single-use, disposable ones we use on a trip.

Invest in clothes made from plastic bottles

There are tons of brands in the market today that make great high-performance travel gear that not only last super long, but are made from dozens of plastic bottles per piece. If you’re wondering, yes, they’re durable yet cosy, though priced a bit higher than your regular garments. From high-end jackets, fleece jackets to leggings that you can wear for an active day out –  they never disappoint you.

Use silicone reusable bags 

Though not biodegradable, reusable silicone bags are much better than single-use plastic bags to use on the road. Whether you’re storing food or stashing accessories, they come in handy and keep things in place.