Wi-Fi at 30,000 feet is just one of the many things airline passengers today demand

Wi-Fi at 30,000 feet is just one of the many things airline passengers today demand

According to the latest International Air Transport Association (IATA) survey, airline passengers are looking for technology to improve their travel experience. IATA, which represents about 265 airlines comprising 83 per cent of global air traffic, released its latest survey that was conducted across the world in order to provide insights into just what passengers were looking for from their air travel experiences. Here are the top five demands of air travelers to make their air travel simpler. Also Read - After Lockdown, Automated Sector to Resume Operations First | 5-Point Strategy

1. They want to arrive at the airport ready to fly. Also Read - Is There Really a Link Between Obesity And Depression?

According to the survey more air passengers are looking to carry out the traditional airport processes, such as checking in or getting a boarding pass, using digital self-service options. This is in line with what people are already doing. 71 per cent airline passengers are checking into their flights online and using a mobile boarding pass instead of getting it printed like they used to. Also Read - Trending News Today, April 9, 2020: Angry Monkeys in Ayodhya Fight For Food, Attack Humans as Coronavirus Drastically Impacts Tourism

2. More ease during screening process.

Ever found yourself at your wits end taking out every single piece of electronic equipment and going through the X-Ray machine only to put it right back less than a minute later? Well you aren’t alone. The survey also revealed that they would prefer passing through security and border control just once during their entire journey rather than going through it at every airport they land and remove personal items in full public glare. The survey also revealed that 40 per cent of air passengers chose their route based on how their airport transfer experience was.

3. They don’t mind sharing personal data if…

According to the survey, passengers are willing to provide their personal data with airlines and airports if this helps their travel experience. More and more passengers want airports and airlines to offer them a more customized travel experience.

4. Connectivity 30,000 feet

If you are one of those who get restless during long flights without Internet connectivity, you are in good company. There has been a whopping 38 per cent hike in the number of passengers who prefer to use their own devices on board since last year. This year 51 per cent respondents said that they want Wi-Fi connectivity on the flight to access entertainment options.


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