If you’re dealing with a long lay-over while travelling, nothing seems better than a quick nap at the airport lounge. These airport lounges have cushy chairs that work like a dream, as well as great amenities like the Wi-Fi, drinks, tasty snacks, and glossy magazines. If the constant clamour and noise near the boarding gates throw you off, seeking refuge in an airport lounge is your answer. Entrance to most airport lounges come free if you’re carrying a first class or business class ticket. If not, here’s what to do to score access to these lounges.

Buy an airport lounge day pass

Averse to long-term commitment? Many airlines sell day passes to their airport lounges, allowing you to pay on spot and enjoy the luxuries of the lounge. The only catch is most of them restrict the amount of time you can spend there or offer access to passengers flying within the country, so check before you buy.

Invest in an airport lounge membership

If you fly a particular airline exclusively, you could consider getting their airline membership. These airline club memberships give access to their alliance lounges against a handsome amount for an annual membership. It’s worth it if the destinations you travel to the most have airport lounges.

Pay for a public airport lounge

You don’t need to worry about those airline-owned clubs actually. A lot of airports have public lounges that provide more flexibility than airline lounges. From comfortable chairs, good food, Wi-Fi to non-alcoholic beverages and showers, you can avail all that and more against a small fee.

Use your credit card to access airport lounges

Although some of these cards come for a heavy annual fees, getting a credit card that offers airport lounge privileges is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you have access to them. Before you apply for any credit card though, make sure to evaluate that your spending and travelling habits make getting it worthwhile.