India’s landscape is one of the most vast and varied one. It is therefore often called a continent disguised as a country. We have some of the highest mountain ranges that are covered in snow and we also have deserts where the heat is unbearable, not to forget that we also have the wettest place on earth. Housing people of different religions and faiths, India is home to en number of shrines that thousands flock to every day. iTripTo reader Ashwini Ajjappa who is mesmerized by India’s beauty, captured these shots on her camera and shared them with us. We showcase five photos from her collection that depict our country’s varied landscape and culture. Also Read - Himachal Pradesh News: How These Kinnaur Couple Contracted Coronavirus, First Case in This Remote District

1. One of the oldest cities in the world, Varanasi Also Read - Watch LIVE: PM Modi Attends Online Summit With Australian PM Scott Morrison

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2. The snow-capped peak of Mount Kailash in the background and Manasa Sarovara 

mt kailash

3. A man takes in the panoramic view from the Aval Betta in Chikballapura 

Aval betta

4. The Golden Temple in Amritsar shines bright even at night

golden temple

5. An interesting shot of the Hemkund Saheb in Uttarakhand

hemkund saheb

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