Maharashtra is bordered by the Arabian Sea on its west which ensures the state coastline is home to many beaches, and give the beach lovers in the state a healthy dose of sun, sand and the sea. The hues of the water and sand vary every few kilometres and that’s the beauty of the beaches in Maharashtra. Here are the best ones that must be at the top of your list.

Diveagar Beach

Untouched by tourism, Diveagar Beach is one of the most secluded beaches on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. Located about 200km away from Mumbai, it easily takes 6 hours to reach by car. The beach boasts of scintillating azure water, pristine white sand, and dense coconut-and-beetle nut groves all around. A few attractions to explore while you’re here are the Lord Ganesha Temple that once housed a pure gold idol of Ganesha, which now has been replaced by a silver idol.


Ganapatipule is renowned for its aqua coloured water, sun-kissed beach, palm trees, and the 400-year-old Swayambhu Ganesh Temple that attracts travellers from everywhere. It takes about 8 hours to reach here from Mumbai (340km) but is well worth the effort.


If you’ve been to Alibaug many times and now need an alternative, try visiting Kihim beach. Located 120km away from Mumbai and 11km from Alibaug, Kihim is a picturesque beauty lined with coconut and pine trees. There are provisions for surfing and camping in tents on the beach and you can also visit the spectacular Colaba Fort, just 10km down from the shore of this beach.


Located 77km from Mumbai, you can easily compare Bassein beach with the beaches of Goa. That’s because of a fair resemblance  such as the pristine blue water, gorgeous palm trees, serene beaches and the ruins of Portuguese forts. Bassein offers gallons of peace to the traveller making in an ideal weekend getaway. Some attractions that you can explore here are the Buddhist relics at Nalasopara, Bhimeshwar Temple, Akloli Hot Springs and a few stunning churches that were built by the Portuguese decades ago.


Located in Ratnagiri district, Guhagar is a highly underrated gem of Maharashtra. The beach here is fringed with suru trees that are known for their thick shade and heritage temples like the Vyadeshvar (Shiva Temple) and Durga Devi. What’s great about this beach is the quintessential Konkani cuisine available here. Remember to walk down the road parallel to the seashore that takes you into the town; so that you can appreciate the beautiful, tiny houses that are decorated with various rangoli patterns.