Ladakh that is also popularly known as the Land of Passes is popular all across the country as an ideal destination for a bike trip. Situated in Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is one place that never ceases to impress its tourists and visitors. Barren mountains, spectacular gompas that are Buddhist monasteries, snow capped mountains, alluring lakes and the beautiful prayer flags makes this place truly paradise. Most tourists also love the prayer wheels which when spun give out soothing mantras. There is a lot that has been written and spoken of Ladakh. The picturesque landscapes and the interesting and tempting stories of Ladakh makes it too hard to resist. Before you plan your trip to Ladakh, apart from all the beautiful things that we mentioned, you might also want to know about the stunning valleys of Ladakh. So when you visit Ladakh next, you know that these spectacular valleys are something that you should definitely not miss. We have listed down the five best valleys of Ladakh that you will fall in love with at the first sight. Also Read - Malls Lose Rs 90,000 Crore in 2 Months, SCAI Seeks Adequate Relief

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1. Indus valley Also Read - Karan Johar Birthday Celebrations: Little Munchkins Yash And Roohi Cut The Cake as Mom Hirroo Johar Sings 'Happy Birthday'

indus valley

The Indus valley is one of the most significant parts of the entire Leh-Ladakh region. It is home to the Indus valley civilization which is also the oldest civilization. The Indus valley has varied trekking trails for those who love adventure. And for those who love nature, this place is an absolute visual spectacle. There are also several sightseeing options like Temisgong the much popular monastery Alchi. This valley is formed by the most important channel of the alluring Indus River and is adorned with beautiful mountains. Doesn’t the photo above make you want to ravel your bags and head straight to this beautiful and bright valley?

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2. Dha Hanu valley

The Dha Hanu is actually the name of two villages that occupy a large population of the Drokpa community. Of the several Drokpa occupied villages, Dha Hanu is the only two villages that can be accessed by tourists. The valley that surrounds these villages is what you must look for. It is breathtaking and looks like a whole world in itself. Unlike most part of Ladakh, the Dha-Hanu valley has more of green cover. The main attraction of this valley apart from the stunning landscapes is obviously the Ladakhi culture and the many unique practices of the Drokpa community. The women have a distinctive style of dressing that includes donning a flower on their hats.  The Dha-Hanu valley not only attracts tourists but it also attracts several anthropologists.   With so many unique attractions, you now know that the Dha-Hanu valley must not be misse.

3. Markha valley

Markha valley

The Markha valley is one of the most popular trekking routes in the region. From camping to star gazing, there is a lot that you can do here. The trek in Markha valley is also famously called as the tea house trek. Your accommodation up here will be in parachute tents which are one in a lifetime experience. A night under open sky gazing at the stars with a comfortable silence is the kind of stay that most people would love to have. And the view of the sky that is lit up with so many bright stars is sight to behold. It is not often that you can find silence and alone time in the cities. Visit the Markha for a memorable experience like this. The Markha Valley trek will also take you through the Hemis National park which is another popular attraction. Named after the Markha River, thus valley is everything scenic and beautiful.

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4. Zanskar valley

zanskar valley

Nestled in a corner of Ladakh is the Zanskar valley that is another favorite attraction among tourists. Said to be the highest valley of Jammu, the Zanskar Valley is a visual treat to the eyes. This also has a trekking rail that entices many adventure junkies to visit this beautiful valley. You can visit this place during winters since it receives heavy snowfall and it remains closed for good six to seven months. You explore this offbeat place whenever you plan a trip to Ladakh. It stands tall at approximately 13,000 ft and the views of the same are sure to leave you enchanted. Also because it is said to be one of the least visited places of interest in Ladakh, if you are a true adventure junkie then the dirt tracks of this route will not stop you from exploring this beautiful valley.

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5. Nubra valley

nubra valley

The Nubra Valley is another popular valley of Ladakh that is said to be a tri-armed valley. The local scholars state that this valley was once called Ldumra that translates to the valley of flowers. If you are planning to go on a bike trip, you will be delighted to know that to reach this valley you will be required to pass the Khardung La Pass. If you are Indian, you also need not get a permit to enter the valley. Flanked by rugged mountains and austerely beautiful landscapes, the Nubra Valley is the pleace to be when in Ladakh.

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