The pollution in Delhi has reached alarming levels post Diwali this year. According to reports, Delhiites have been inhaling copious amounts of particulate matter (PM) composed of dust, dirt, smoke, and chemicals for the past three days. This has raised safety concerns all over the city as people have fallen sick and reported respiratory problems as well as itchy eyes. While bringing the pollution under control is going to need some drastic measures, you can for now escape the pollution by taking a shirt trip. Mercifully, Delhi is blessed with several getaways at a driving distance where the air is cleaner and can provide the much-needed respite right now. (ALSO SEE Guess which is the most polluted city in India and no, it’s not Delhi!) Here are 5 such places Delhiites can consider for a getaway. Also Read - Lockdown 4.0: Noida's Biggest Commercial Hub, Sector 18, to Open Shops From Thursday

1. Kullu

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One of the nearest and most popular getaways from Delhi is Kullu, a beautiful cluster of valleys. Its apple orchards, deodar forests and lovely rivers are a sight for sore eyes. Its air is way cleaner than that of Delhi and is ideal for a healthy break at this time. You can try out the quaint village of Shangarh. Also Read - Earthquake With Magnitude 2.7 Hits Delhi Yet Again, Tremors Felt Across NCR

2. Spiti


It may be too late for a road trip to Ladakh but Spiti is no less. It is a very long drive so if you are not up for it, you may choose to fly to Kullu and then drive ahead. With beautiful views of mesmerizing mountains and lakes, and a clean, fresh atmosphere, your body and mind will feel rejuvenated in no time.

3. Jaipur


The Aravalli hills of rajasthan are full of greenery and any spot near Jaipur can be a great getaway. You can try the Syari Valley in Jaipur which has an excellent Tree House Resort.

4. Dharamsala


One of the most beautiful getaways from Delhi abundant in natural beauty is Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh. The air is fresh and your mind will find peace amidst the monasteries and quaint cafes.

5. Mussoorie


And then there is Uttarakhand’s spectacular hill station of Mussoorie. Its green hills and Himalayan views make it an ideal choice for a getaway. Fresh air is in abundance here and the food is simply amazing too.


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