While packing for a vacation is the most important aspect of travel, we always feel like we’ve missed something important. If you’re making a train journey, whether it’s a long or a short one, here’s a checklist that you can follow to ensure you take everything along with your regular luggage.

Ticket and related documents

If you are carrying a physical ticket bought from a ticket counter at the railway station, you don’t really need an ID proof with it. But if you’ve bought your ticket online, you need to have a saved image of it on your mobile phone. In addition to that, you would also need an ID proof such as a driving license or voter card.

Water bottle

While you can easily buy plastic bottles of water on the train and the station, sometimes the safety and packaging of the water is questionable. Also, since we’re already sending more than 1 billion plastics to our landfills each year, carrying your own steel water bottle is a good start for a conscious traveller.

Mobile charger and a power bank

When it comes to travelling in trains, charging a mobile is quite a hassle. That’s because not all trains have ample mobile charging points. Even if they do, the chances of them being free for you to use is another question. Thus, bring your mobile with full charge and keep your charger and a power bank handy.


While the food from the catering service inside the train is monitored well and mostly hygienic, if you’re susceptible to falling sick on that food, it’s best to carry your own home-cooked meal. However, if you are planning to buy food online, it’s better to pre-order your food before you board the train.

Safety and hygiene essentials

Whether it’s flights or trains, they’re not the most hygienic of places. Therefore, it’s important to carry your own hygiene products so you don’t fall prey to flu. Carry essentials such as napkins, paper soap, hand sanitiser, flushable toilet seat, toilet spray and safety essentials such as chains to tie your suitcases to the bars of the train or even padlock.