Travel has a lot of facets; one of them being corporate travel, where you go on a business trip, and if possible, extend it to include some leisure time as well. However, no matter where you’re going, it is super important to prepare thoroughly for a business trip. Here are a few tips to ensure you enjoy as well as handle the stress that comes with it.

Convert your flights to a networking opportunity

A business traveller can easily network wherever they travel because of the amount of time they spend at airports and lounges. Choose a middle seat instead of window or aisle seats; that’ll help you interact easily with fellow passengers.

Digitise your documents

Digitising your documents will make the travel tension-free and can help in increasing your productivity during travel. Digi locker, a digital locker for your documents is accepted at most places as proof of identity. However, it is not applicable on international travel.

Choose your hotel wisely

Preparing for business travel is, of course, only half the job. Choosing the best accommodation is quite a task though. You can take the help of something like RoomsXpert for a great business hotel in the city you’re visiting. If you’ve only got one place to reach, make sure you book a hotel that’s nearby; rather than be swayed by a more luxurious option that might be a stressful 45 minute away.

Don’t take Travel Insurance for granted

There are a lot of important or confidential documents that one needs to carry during a corporate travel. Having travel insurance on you reduces your chances of a lot of hassle incase you misplace them aside from covering delays or loss of luggage, medical emergencies and accidents.

Lounge access on airport

Having lounge access on airport helps you to get last minute relaxation before an exhausting business trip. From charging your gadgets, to downloading that Netflix movie and having some good food – it helps you get ready for your travel. Also, you never know, you may strike up a good business deal while sitting in the lounge and talking to other business travellers there.