Markets in Hong Kong are the best places to shop a variety of things – from electronics to clothes, jewellery to souvenirs – you can find everything without breaking your bank. These markets all over Hong Kong are a good alternative to swanky malls and departmental stores. And, of course the best way to explore Hong Kong like a local and sample a variety of cuisines. Here are the top iconic street markets of Hong Kong that you must explore:

Temple Street Night Market

When the sun goes down, this 600 meter stretch lights up, bustling with traders opening their shops and enthusiastic shoppers gearing themselves to bargain through the market. The market is known for selling trinkets, tea-ware, electronics, and watches amongst other popular finds. Also known as the Men’s Market, it offers a variety of men’s clothing, accessories and footwear, at an unbelievably cheap price. The restaurants here are a must-try for Chinese street food. You can’t miss the rice served in clay pots oozing with local flavours.

Ladies Market

As the name suggests, it mainly sells feminine goods such as clothing, footwear and accessories. With over 100 stalls, you will find replicas of high-end brands like Marc Jacobs to Jimmy Choo amongst others. This market is surrounded by some of the best restaurants and eateries which serve you delicacies in the Mong Kok area.

Cat Street Market

Upper Lascar Row, popularly known as the Cat Street Market showcases inexpensive yet authentic antique pieces. Browse through the amazing range of Chinese ceramics, porcelain vases, ceramic horsemen from the Ming Dynasty, vintage Bruce Lee movie posters, brass Buddha statues and tax-free carpets from the Middle East. This is one of the best places to bargain for jade, silk products, embroideries and wooden handicraft items.

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Apliu Street Market

Located in Sham Shui Po, Apliu Street Market is every tech enthusiast’s dream destination. It is a flea market for brand new and second-hand gadgets and other electronic items like computer products, phones and other audio-visual equipment. If you’re on the lookout for drones, cheap phone cases, random wires and the like, this is the place for you. Do not miss the cheapest Michelin star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan when you’re in Mong Kok.

Fa Yuen Street Market

Fa Yuen Street Market in the heart of Kowloon has a range of sport shops selling the latest sneakers and shoes. For any sneakerhead, this is a shoe shopping paradise as brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas as well as limited editions and bespoke pieces are all available here.