Sometimes, one can’t help but wonder if their luggage will show up on the carousel in the airport, or whether the flight will be cancelled last minute due to poor weather. All these and more can be taken care of with the help of simple gadgets and good planning. Here’s how to put your stress and anxiety at bay the next time to hit the road:

A Fitbit

It’s absolutely fine if you’re indulging in unhealthy habits on your vacation. What’s a holiday without you letting loose and spoiling yourself silly. However, if you’re travelling for long, and need a little nudge every once in a while to come back on track, strap a Fitbit onto your wrist. It’ll help squeeze in some walking or other healthy activities into your trip and even track your sleep stats.

Luggage finder/tracker

This one’s quite the favourite. If you are perennially afraid of losing your luggage, wallet and keys; Bluetooth enabled luggage trackers are your answer. You strap them onto your luggage, wallet and the likes, and keep a track of them via your phone. They’re quite an affordable accessory, and keep your stress effectively at bay.

Keychain cable for charging

What with using our phones at all times for maps, entertainment, and clicking pictures on vacation, it’s only natural if they quickly drain of all the battery. You can now stash a spare charging cord that comes attached to a keychain in your bag so you can plug in on the go. This helps if you always forget to carry your USB cord around.

Travel insurance

It’s common to forego travel insurance most of the time, but if you’re travelling during snowy or rainy seasons, the smart thing to do is get one. You only have to spend a few bucks to save thousands incase things go awry; such as last minute flight and hotel cancellations.

Portable luggage weighing scale

For an instant digital reading of the suitcase’s weight, tiny luggage scales are your best best. All you need to do is strap them onto your luggage, and lift. You can take their help for estimating luggage weight right before your vacation ends.