Bike riders in India like to explore the picturesque regions of the Himalayas, from Ladakh to Spiti. From exploring adrenaline pumping places in the hills to meeting new people, riding your way up and down the serpentine roads always makes the experience memorable. However, to go on an adventurous journey, you need to equip yourself for a safe ride, especially during monsoons. Here are the top 5 accessories you need to have before you kick start your journey. Also Read - Essentials Every Camper Must Have While Being Out In The Wild

Bike USB Mobile Charger Also Read - How Travel Goes From Spontaneous to Luxurious As You Age

The era of smartphone has made things a lot easier for all of us. We find it very difficult to travel without a mobile. But the smartphone battery doesn’t last long enough when you are recording things using smartphone apps. In such a scenario, it is important to carry a charger along with you. This connects with the bike’s battery to charge your device. It has a unique waterproof cover feature, high speed charging and over voltage protection. Also Read - Important Tips to Remember While High Altitude Hiking in India

Motorbike Headlamp

Once the sun goes down, a standard headlight is usually unable to light up the road against the oncoming glare. Thus, an additional assistive headlamp will help you in navigating through dark and slippery roads. The motorbike headlamp has clear lens, excellent transmittance, low consumption and a super bright light.

Bike Mobile Phone Holder

When you are riding a motorbike, a mobile holder keeps the smartphone fixed on the spot. This helps bikers to operate the GPS maps easily. This is an effective product with special features like quick speed and high efficiency charging.

Gloves and face-mask Combo

To make a rider’s life easier, there are combo’s available with a bike body cover, pro biker gloves and anti-pollution bike face mask. These essentials will protect you from sunlight, dust and rain.

Shifter Sock Boot Shoe Protector

Protect your shoes from gear shifter damage. The shifter sock boot shoe protector is made with high quality rubber which will protect your shoes from any harm while shifting gears during the ride.