With the spring season in full bloom, travel enthusiasts everywhere are packing their backpacks and setting off on treks. If you’re an adventure junkie, and often set out on adventure trips then this is a list of must-have travel accessories for people like you who are avid hikers and love to discover the hills. These products are extremely affordable and make the travel super easy and memorable.

Sleeping Bag

Without a sleeping bag, a traveller’s trip is incomplete. This small, yet crucial, item dictates a pleasurable trip. Choose a sleeping bag made up of waterproof fabric that can also double up as an air lounge in the pool without the worry of sinking. The best part about this product is that it weighs less than a kilo so you can carry this bag everywhere quite easily.

High Power Led Zoom Head Light

A headlight or a torch is one of the most important things that one should invest in while planning a hiking trip. It will keep you safe if you plan to go hiking at night.

Camping Tent

A camping tent is portable and waterproof usually with a capacity of 2 people. The fabric used in these tents are mostly nylon and therefore they’re high on durability.


A backpack again is very important for every trip. A funky, spacious polyester backpack with many zips and pockets is your best bet. It is both high on comfort and super durable.

Mini Foldable and Portable Camping Tablet Gel Stove

Being able to cook good food in a good weather is all one needs during a hiking vacation. A mini foldable tablet gel stove is specially designed to be used in camping, picnicking, backpacking, and in remote locations where an easily transportable device for cooking or heating food comes in real handy.